Obama’s homosexual school mandate draws opposition


A directive by President Obama to force public schools to allow homosexuals to use the bathrooms of their opposite sex is drawing heated opposition from Oklahomans. A notice from the U.S. Department of Education to all public schools insists that male students who think or say they are girls must be allowed in girls’ restrooms […]

Bill by Rogers and Strohm adds flexibility to education


A measure designed to return flexibility in evaluating teachers back to local school districts has been approved 80-0 by the Oklahoma House. “We applaud Rep. Rogers and Sen. John Ford for listening to educators’ voices in this important legislation,” said Janet Dunlop, associate superintendent at Broken Arrow Public Schools. “In a time of budget crisis, […]

Senate votes to raise tax


The Oklahoma Senate approved a tax increase by eliminating a rebate for economically at-risk oil and gas wells. That rebate program has ballooned in cost as a result of low oil and gas prices. Senate Bill 1577, authored by Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman, would eliminate a tax rebate for economically at-risk wells for […]

Hog bill advances


Legislation approved by the Oklahoma Senate will help Oklahomans reduce the number of feral hogs in Oklahoma. Senate Bill 1142, by Sen. Nathan Dahm and Rep. Sean Roberts, allows the hunting of feral hogs day or night if the hunter has permission from the landowner.  Under the measure, a license will no longer be required. […]

School safety bill


Legislation that would increase the safety of schools in light of the increasing incidents of active shooters was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives. House Bill 2931, would streamline and increase the flexibility of the school safety drill process, emphasizing active shooter drills. It would also add the Oklahoma School Security Institute to entities […]

‘Catfishing’ bill


Legislation to give legal recourse to Oklahoma victims of “catfishing” was sent to the governor by a vote of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and was signed by Gov. Fallin. Catfishing is an online scheme where a predator impersonates someone else in order to trick a victim into giving out personal data and information. The […]

Broken Arrow, Union, Bixby and Jenks are coping with state budget shortfalls


After years of increased state funding, public schools are facing cuts due to lower state revenues because of falling energy production in Oklahoma. School administrators and teacher union advocates are trying to blame state lawmakers for not increasing funding during a revenue shortfall. Broken Arrow’s school board approved $7.39 million in cuts for the next […]

Drought is continuing to minimize the Ogallala Aquifer


STILLWATER – The evidence of drought is clear above ground. Lakes, rivers and creeks will be low, or completely dry. Wildlife will struggle to survive, and plants, including crops, will not grow. Irrigation provided from underground water sources steps in to save the day for many agricultural producers in the Great Plains. However, they are […]

Seniors learn how to fight fraud


Oklahoma seniors can learn how to fight fraud at 10 free conferences hosted by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. The seminars are scheduled in cities and towns all over the state from May to July. “Our seniors should be protected from scammers,” Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak said. “These Senior Fraud Conferences will arm them […]

Help to avoid death from overdoses


In November 2014, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) initiated a program to expand naloxone availability and use among emergency medical personnel across Oklahoma as part of a comprehensive program to reduce opioid drug overdose deaths. Naloxone is a medication which can reverse an overdose if given in time. Today, more than 800 EMS […]