Millions at stake in February 13 votes: $128,600,000.00 in Union District


Various municipal and public school elections – some dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars – will be on the ballot February 13. The odd scheduling of these annual election almost always guarantees low turnouts even though the results have a great impact on how schools and cities conduct government business. And the votes can […]

Fallin: raise taxes on gas, cigarettes


When the Legislature goes into session, Gov. Mary Fallin will repeat her insistence that lawmakers pass massive and permanent tax increases. The governor’s amended call asks lawmakers to pass: The tax on cigarettes, and little cigars by $1.50 per pack, and an additional 10 percent on chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes; Increasing the oil and gas […]

Bill: joint ticket, agency control


State Representative Mark Lepak, R-Claremore, has filed four measures for the upcoming legislative session designed to give more responsibility to the governor over the executive branch, reducing the number of statewide elected officials and creating a “joint ticket” for the governor and lieutenant governor on the ballot. House Bills 3208 and 3209 would consolidate authority […]

STEM expansion legislation


Sen. Ron Sharp has filed Senate Bill 880 to further advance STEM education by moving oversight of the STEM Region/Community application subcommittee from the Coalition for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education in Oklahoma (CASMEO) to the Department of Career and Technology Education. “The purpose of STEM education is to prepare students for future […]

Bill on state teacher recruitment


State Senator Micheal Bergstrom filed two bills last week aimed at helping to recruit and retain teachers in Oklahoma schools. Senate Bill 1188 would allow a certified classroom teacher to earn a tuition waiver worth 12 credit hours of resident tuition each year the teacher is employed by an Oklahoma public school district to be […]

Tax breaks for wind and solar?


State Rep. Bobby Cleveland introduced legislation halting tax incentives for renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. House Bill 2908 repeals Senate Bill 440, which was signed into law in 2001. At the time, SB 440 allowed zero-emission energy facilities to collect tax credits beginning in Tax Year 2002. “It’s time we do away […]

Mayor reacts to parking meter complaints Downtown


Mayor G.T. Bynum signed an executive order to put funding for future parking meter improvements and repair into a special account. Previously, revenue received from parking meters was distributed into the city’s general fund. Tulsa citizens and business owners Downtown have complained about the inefficiency of the parking system and many say they don’t want […]

College of the Ozarks pays bonuses


POINT LOOKOUT, Missouri — College of the Ozarks has decided to issue a check to each college employee in the amount of $204 as a result of savings from the recent U.S. Tax Code revision. “We were expecting to have to pay the extra amount in Obamacare costs,” said President Jerry C. Davis. “We are […]

Pecan management seminar coming


STILLWATER, Okla. – Those who have an interest in learning more about pecans and what it takes to grow them, may attend the 2018 Fundamentals of Pecan Management course offered by Oklahoma State University. The class will begin Feb. 27 and run one Tuesday a month through Oct. 23, with the exception of March and […]

Shutdown’s impact on the Guard


The Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard conducted an orderly shutdown process January 22 as a result of no continuing resolution by Congress. Those facing a furlough were notified and directed to complete administrative requirements prior to their release. The furlough notice covered 30 days but since Congress passed a continuing budget resolution, the shutdown […]