Editorial: God bless Dahm, Brumbaugh; Shame on Gov. Mary Fallin


God bless Sen. Nathan Dahm and Rep. David Brumbaugh! These are Godly men of great character. Neither is a professional politician but they are public servants who ran for office so they could make Broken Arrow and Oklahoma better places. When Dahm and Brumbaugh say something, especially during a campaign, their “yes means yes and […]

Editorial: America marches blindly toward a single-payer plan


Hillary Clinton just dipped her toe a little bit further into the waters of single-payer health care, prodded by her competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders. She recently called for allowing more people to join Medicare — the government-run healthcare program for seniors — by allowing those “55 or 50 and up” to […]

Editorial: Re-elect State Rep. Ken Walker


State Rep. Ken Walker has served the citizens of District 70 well. Walker, with his extensive military background, business acumen and common sense, has sponsored and passed bills that help Oklahomans every day. Walker is vice chairman of the A&B Transportation Committee and sits on three other committees – Administrative Rules; Public Safety; and State […]

Editorial: Vote for State Rep. George Faught


State Rep. George Faught is a small businessman who is making a sacrifice to serve his fellow Oklahomans in the State Legislature. Faught, a Muskogee Republican, is chairman of the Administrative Rules Committee in the House. He also sits on the A&B General Government, Transportation and Veterans/Military Affairs committees. Faught is an active member of […]

Editorial: Republican Party is in trouble


Is this the end of the Republican Party? Billionaire Donald Trump is now the presumptive candidate after Sen. Ted Cruz lost in Indiana and suspended his campaign. Thanks to open primaries and constant free publicity, Trump, who hosted a popular TV show, managed to emerge from a field of 17 candidates to win the nomination. […]

Letter to the editor: Feds defying common sense


U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters recently, “The Justice Department has ruled that North Carolina’s state law requiring ‘all people’ to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX.”  As a result, the Department of Justice is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit […]

Letter to the editor: Christians have a responsibility to cast a ballot


After each Election Day, the media usually reports on the percentage of registered voters who turned out to vote. Such reports assume only those votes influenced the outcome. However, the truth is the vote of every voter influenced the outcome. Those who voted by ballot voted for candidates and issues that represented their values and […]

Editorial: Re-elect State Sen. Nathan Dahm


Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, is one of the brightest young legislators in Oklahoma. Unlike some lawmakers (like U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi), Dahm reads every bill before he casts a vote. In fact, other senators and representatives – Republicans and Democrats – consult with Dahm on a regular basis to discover the content of bills […]

Editorial: Vote for Rep. Chuck Strohm, D-69


Rep. Chuck Strohm is a genuine citizen/legislator. Strohm and his family have sacrificed wealth and time to invest in making Oklahoma and America a better place to live. His business background and his understanding of key issues have made him an effective and productive legislator. Strohm serves as vice chairman of the Business, Labor and […]

Bartlett raises water rates – again


After one of the biggest tax increases in the history of Tulsa, the budget proposal by Mayor Dewey Bartlett calls for big increases in water and sewer rates. Water rates have been raised by about 7 percent every year for a long time. At that level, they double every 10 years. Water and sewer increases […]