Editorial: Hundreds of millions in new debt


Anyone who thinks that public schools are underfunded should take a look at the upcoming bond vote for Union Public Schools. The proposal is for $128,600,000.00. That’s one eighth of a billion (with a B) dollars. The bond issue will pass, just like recent school bond issues in Tulsa and Broken Arrow have gone for […]

Editorial: President Trump is no globalist


The “fake news” media are upset because President Donald Trump is not a globalist. They are constantly irritated when he mentions his campaign theme, “make America great again.” And the liberals at MSNBC and CNN get furious when Trump talks about America reclaiming its greatness when he is abroad. And the socialists and communists at […]

Editorial: Government handouts skyrocket


Should the government feed everyone in America? The answer from progressives, particularly in public education, increasingly seems to be yes – every American should guaranteed three square meals a day. The free school lunch program is a noble idea. For decades, it has helped poor children who for a variety of reasons don’t get proper […]

Editorial: Amazon bid was a waste of time


Anyone could tell you that Tulsa was not going to get the new Amazon expansion with 50,000 employees and a giant payroll. Tulsa couldn’t even make the Top 20. A simple check of the general criteria showed that Tulsa fell short in too many areas for serious consideration. Tulsa, like Oklahoma City, should have put […]

Editorial: California rail is wasting billions


California is building an 119-mile bullet train route that was supposed to cost $6,000,000,000.00. Now, according to the Los Angeles Times, it is going to cost $10,600,000,000.00. This could be one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the nation. And it is turning into one of the biggest “money pits.” Trains are 19th Century technology. […]

Editorial: Power politics and the chamber


The Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce claims that it doesn’t use any money from the hotel tax to fund its political activities. They expect the public to believe that. The chamber recently installed a new chairman and he has vowed to work against the election of any state lawmaker who dares to defy the tax-raising […]

Letter to the editor: Religious Freedom Day valued


On January 16, 1786, the Statute on Religious Freedom was enacted by the Virginia legislature and it is the basis of Religious Freedom Day. Thomas Jefferson drafted the legislation, which ended the state­church in Virginia and its favored clergy and denomination. It also protected civil rights of people to express their religious beliefs without encountering […]

Letter to the editor: Bridenstine qualified for NASA


As we all know, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, is being questioned about his nomination as chief administrator of NASA. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, is telling us we need someone who knows space flight – not a politician. Let me offer some thoughts. When John Glenn flew in space, he had been appointed because of […]

Letter to the editor: Reject the media’s propaganda


Adolf Hitler wrote in his infamous book, Mein Kampf, “Tell a lie. Make it big. Say it loud. Repeat it often and most people will take it for the truth.” We should learn to recognize political lies by those earmarks. Right now we have people in the “news” business who beat the drums every day, […]

Editorial: Bridenstine needs a NASA vote


The nomination of U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, to be chief administrator of the National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA) should have been confirmed in 2017. It wasn’t. His nomination cleared a Senate committee and should have gone to a floor vote, where a Republican majority surely would have confirmed him. Democrats are to blame. […]