Editorial: Vote for McCloud in District 67


The Oklahoma House has many conservative Christian legislators who work tirelessly to keep the state headed in the right direction. Tom McCloud would be a great addition to that group. McCloud is in a runoff election on August 25 against fellow Republican, attorney Scott McEachin. For more than 15 years, McCloud has published Community Spirit […]

Editorial: Nonpartisanship helps Democrats


A survey of the precincts in the June 28 city primary shows that Mayor-elect G.T. Bynum won most of the districts with heavy Democrat registration. That’s not surprising considering his liberal stance on social issues and his backing from liberal former mayors and moderates. Mayor Dewey Bartlett was all for the change to “nonpartisan” municipal […]

Editorial: More Obama homosexual policies


Barack Obama has only six more months to damage America’s moral stance, dismantle the military and make America seem weak to all the nations of the world. His pace on changing the country is accelerating. The latest mistake is ordering the military to allow personnel who are confused about their sexual identity to join. This […]

Editorial: England and the European Union


Congratulations to the British. With an historic vote, England split with the European Union and will regain the full measure of sovereignty they lost. There are a host of reasons why this is a good idea but the biggest is the preservation of the British culture. As part of the European Union, Great Britain watched […]

Editorial: Obama promotes homosexuality


When President Obama ran in 2008, he said he was against homosexual marriage. Now he is the biggest promoter of homosexuality in America. In June, he designated Stonewall Inn as a national monument. This is a designation exclusively held for places of honor in America. But the  Stonewall National Monument in New York City will […]

Editorial: Life-threatening danger grows


This activity could cost you your life. A report in the Los Angeles Times states that there is an outbreak of meningococcal in Southern California in the male homosexual population. Beginning in May, nine men in Los Angeles and Orange counties have gotten sick with a meningococcal infection. At least one has already died. The […]

Editorial: Shameful Tulsa Public Schools


Why would any responsible parent entrust their children to Tulsa Public Schools? After 49 people were shot and killed in a homosexual bar in Orlando, the leadership of Tulsa Public Schools responded by hoisting a homosexual “rainbow” flag outside the Education Service Center, right under the American flag and Oklahoma flag. And of course, the […]

Editorial: Don’t disarm American citizens


As America suffers assault after assault from Islamic terrorists, President Obama refuses to face the threat for what it is but instead calls for the disarming of American citizens. Obama wants certain guns banned. If that happens, then he will push for gun registration and that is a prelude to confiscation. The administration is already […]

Editorial: ‘Borrow and spend’ GOP leaders


It seems as though Gov. Mary Fallin and the Republican leadership in the Legislature are in a race with the federal government to see who can borrow the most in the shortest amount of time. In the recent session, Fallin and the GOP leaders pushed through a budget that added $125,000,000.00 in borrowing for State […]

Letter to the editor: Gun rights and the U.S. Constitution


At first pass, it seems reasonable to deny gun ownership to any person who is listed on the government’s “Terror Watch List” or “No-Fly List.” But, you begin to wonder: “Who decides what names should go on these lists?  And, upon what evidence is this decision made?  And who corroborates this evidence.” We must not […]