Editorial: Beacon endorses Rep. Bridenstine, McCloud, McCay


Here are our recommendations for the June 28 primary. In some races, we have no recommendation because there are at least two good candidates or there are no good candidates. U.S. Representative, District 1, Republican Jim Bridenstine has done what he said he would do in his first campaign. He has used his military expertise […]

Editorial: Chamber wants liberal publicity


The Tulsa Regional Chamber, which has a large percentage of its funding from Tulsa’s hotel tax, commissioned a report that the recent session of the Oklahoma Legislature produced $50 million in bad publicity for the state. This is ridiculous on several levels. First, it is impossible to quantify bad publicity. This worthless study looked at […]

Editorial: Parade recruits homosexuals


The “gay pride parade” in Tulsa is all about recruitment. Those who have fallen into a homosexual lifestyle and those secularists who reject God and the Bible target children and families to cram acceptance into Tulsa’s culture. Misery loves company. Some of sponsors of this immoral public display are Camp Fire Green Country (that’s right, […]

Editorial: True legacy of Mohammed Ali


Mohammad Ali was a great boxer. That’s about it. When he died at age 74 this month, it was amazing to see how the liberal media deified this person who made his living trying to knock someone into unconsciousness. Cassius Clay, Jr., a nominative Christian, became Mohammad Ali, a devout Muslim, after he got drafted […]

Editorial: Republican leaders will borrow $125,000,000.00 for the Capitol


You can’t tax your way to prosperity and you can’t borrow your way to prosperity. The Republican-run Oklahoma Legislature and Gov. Mary Fallin don’t understand that concept. In 2014, the Legislature passed a $125,000,000.00 bond issue to restore the aging State Capitol building after decades of almost no maintenance when the Democrats controlled the state […]

Editorial: Tulsa World prints an atheist ad that twists verses from the Bible


One of the lessons taught by the propagandists in Nazi Germany during World War II was that when you lie, tell the biggest lie you can. That just what the Freedom From Religion Foundation did when it purchased a full-page ad from the liberal Tulsa World and tried to make a case that the Bible […]

Letter to the editor: Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils


Christians should call for justice, not vote for evil On May 19, 2016 the Tulsa Beacon published a letter to the editor by Betty Howard titled. “Christians have a responsibility to cast a ballot.” Mrs. Howard argues that Christians have the responsibility to vote for the lesser of two evils. She says if they don’t […]

Letter to the editor: Atomic bombs


There is an eternal principle set forth in inspired scripture. It is that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the harvest of seed sown on Pearl Harbor President Obama is ignorantly wrong to say that death fell from the sky. He should ask the United […]

Editorial: Re-elect State Rep. Michael Rogers


State Rep. Michael Rogers is a man of conviction. A former educator, Rogers has already made a deep impression in the House of Representatives because of his willingness to study issues and his resolve not to back down in the face of difficult decisions. Rogers, a Republican from District 98 in Broken Arrow, is vice […]

Editorial: Vote for Kevin McDugle in D-12


Kevin McDugle is a Christian, a Marine, a Republican, a conservative and a successful businessman. McDugle is running for the Oklahoma House in District 12. He has been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, State Representatives David Brumbaugh, Ken Walker, John Bennett and Chuck Strohm. That’s is quite a lineup of bona fide conservative Christians, […]