Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Gun rights and the U.S. Constitution


At first pass, it seems reasonable to deny gun ownership to any person who is listed on the government’s “Terror Watch List” or “No-Fly List.” But, you begin to wonder: “Who decides what names should go on these lists?  And, upon what evidence is this decision made?  And who corroborates this evidence.” We must not […]

Letter to the editor: Heaven and Earth


America continues to display the foolishness of man by trusting in man rather than God the Creator.  Many now foolishly claim that Science proved there is no God.  That of course, is man’s lie. Ironically, God’s truth is questioned by man, who God formed from “the dust of the ground.” According to the Word of […]

Letter to the editor: Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils


Christians should call for justice, not vote for evil On May 19, 2016 the Tulsa Beacon published a letter to the editor by Betty Howard titled. “Christians have a responsibility to cast a ballot.” Mrs. Howard argues that Christians have the responsibility to vote for the lesser of two evils. She says if they don’t […]

Letter to the editor: Atomic bombs


There is an eternal principle set forth in inspired scripture. It is that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the harvest of seed sown on Pearl Harbor President Obama is ignorantly wrong to say that death fell from the sky. He should ask the United […]

Letter to the editor: Fallin’s veto of pro-life bill ‘disturbing’


I am very shocked and disturbed that pro-life, Governor Fallin, vetoed a pro-life bill that would have made it a felony punishable by up to 3-years in jail for performing an abortion. Governor Failln says the language of the bill was “vague” and “ambiguous” and did not address adequately “what medical circumstances would be considered […]

Letter to the editor: Unhealthy gay rights


Of course, we hear about “gay rights” on an endless basis. There is a health risk to those who engage in such sexual activity. Our Lord did not design the human body for such activities. If you play in the human septic system (sewer), there is great risk of disease and physical damage as well. […]

Letter to the editor: Feds defying common sense


U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters recently, “The Justice Department has ruled that North Carolina’s state law requiring ‘all people’ to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX.”  As a result, the Department of Justice is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit […]

Letter to the editor: Christians have a responsibility to cast a ballot


After each Election Day, the media usually reports on the percentage of registered voters who turned out to vote. Such reports assume only those votes influenced the outcome. However, the truth is the vote of every voter influenced the outcome. Those who voted by ballot voted for candidates and issues that represented their values and […]

Letter to the editor: Detroit and public education problems


All but three of Detroit’s ninety-seven public schools were closed again last month because 1,500 teachers called in sick.  The teachers are protesting the fact that Detroit may only have enough money to pay them through June 30.  Most teachers elect to receive their paychecks year-round, even though they only work nine months. The teacher’s […]

Letter to the editor: Target and the clergy


God has a history of using unsavory characters to accomplish His will in the world. The list includes murderers, Egyptian pharaohs, a brothel owner, Babylonian kings, a Roman emperor, a narcissist and even a fanatical religious leader/murderer. None of these knew they were being used by doing His will but they were chosen nonetheless. They […]