Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Mental health pods at the Jail


Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the new mental health pods at the Tulsa Jail.  The facility is state of the art and should rival any other facility in the nation.  Jails today average about 33 percent of their inmate population who take psychotropic medication or are under the care of a psychiatrist or […]

Letter to the editor: Remembering Dr. Hamilton


I am very sad to report our dear Provost and friend Dr. Carl Hamilton passed on this month. He was a wonderful leader and good friend. So many fond memories. I will share one. Every year when we went on the ORU School of Business annual strategic planning/team retreat, on the final day after our […]

Letter to the editor: We should support President Trump


President Trump signed an executive order on January 27 putting an immediate freeze on immigration from seven countries: Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan.  This temporary immigration freeze is similar to one former-President Obama issued in 2011 against these same countries. It is interesting to note how quickly demonstrators showed up with protest […]

Letter to the editor: America needs to be informed


We presently have an almost uninformed or misinformed America.  This includes our government leaders, news people, educators and the rest of us. Those who knew about the Muslim 30-year plan to conquer America, through immigration into our country, failed to put that information out to the public, or the media didn’t touch it. That plan, […]

Letter to the editor: Eternal vigilance in a wicked world


All this came on an anonymous e-mail: Thieves took the registration from a long-term parked car and used the information to rob the owners’ house: They hauled off everything that could be sold. They knew the owners would be gone for days or even weeks. Football fans lost some items out of their car parked […]

Letter to the editor: Communism and the Super Bowl


Several years ago, I read that after communists took over a nation and persecuted the church, they observed the church just got stronger. So they decided instead to weaken the church with their influence on unsuspecting organizers to plan events to be held at the same time as church services in order to “lure” church […]

Letter to the editor: Here’s how to pray for America


On the first Friday of each month there is a nationwide intercessory prayer teleconference that focuses on specific prayer topics. Over one thousand called in to participate in the session in the January IFA (Intercessors for America) prayer session. It focused on prayers for our nation, for the president-elect, the vice president-elect and the transition […]

Letter to the editor: Jerusalem, the capitol of Israel


President-elect Donald Trump’s team is moving forward on plans to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel out of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And that is causing Barack Obama, John Kerry, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the United Nations and most European leaders to pull their hair out. Obama and Kerry are finally showing their true “anti-Israel” […]

Letter to the editor: More freedom in the pulpit


President-elect Donald Trump has promised to rescind the Johnson Amendment in order to give church pastors more freedom to speak from the pulpit. The Johnson Amendment refers to a change in the U.S. tax code made in 1954, initiated by former President and Senator Lyndon Johnson, D-Texas, which prohibits certain tax-exempt organizations from endorsing and […]