Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Need new state license plates


Praise the Lord that Tulsa has a Christian voice in the Tulsa Beacon! I am most appreciative of its overall news coverage plus all the regular submissions by various noted writers. In reference to a recent article stating “Oklahoma needs new license plates,” I will second that suggestion for the following reason: Oklahoma needs a […]

Letter to the editor: America’s judgment is coming


America continues to deny God and The Word of God.  These haters of God continue to deny the historical fact that America was founded by people who believed in the Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The God who said that in the beginning, He created the Heavens and the Earth and […]

Letter to the editor: Looting money from the rich


It seems that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are telling us they want to take money from the rich and help the “working people.” History teaches that is another name for looting. It looks like “working people” – from their viewpoint – are government workers and members of powerful unions. The problem is these so-called […]

Letter to the editor: Time for education savings accounts


Proposals designed to create education savings accounts failed to advance in the Oklahoma Legislature this year, depriving thousands of Oklahoma families the right to choose the best educational option for their students. ESAs are a critically needed refinement of the public education model. Instead of allocating taxpayer funding directly to school districts based on student […]

Letter to the editor: What is happening?


What was the CIA doing with school buses in a bomb sniffing exercise? The CIA does not knit sweaters, cook brownies or bake cakes. The CIA is known for toppling duly elected governments, assassinations and smuggling drugs in body bags of dead soldiers. How many buses were involved in the Loudoun  County school buses? How […]

Letter to the editor: Ease up on Trump


It looks like the so-called GOP leaders have joined the likes of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, etc., in the hate program against Donald Trump. As Pat Buchanan pointed out in a recent column in the Tulsa Beacon, GOP candidates against Trump say he is saying a lot of terrible things. Perhaps. […]

Letter to the editor: People are speaking but who listens?


The people are speaking . . . but I am not sure all of you are listening. We are tired of the corruption, collusion, fraud and waste of taxpayer funds in federal, state, county and city governments. It seems that even people with good intentions, once they get elected, tend to take the path of […]

Letter to the editor: Abigail Dew


If you want to learn what it means to walk (and dance) with humble confidence, take a walk with Abigail Dew. (Recently) at Oral Roberts University, Abby performed a contemporary dance piece to Kari Job’s Blood of Jesus. It was her first. Let me clarify. This was not the first time Abby has performed for […]

Letter to the editor: Vouchers and public education


The Tulsa World had an article on Feb. 21 by Corey Holland with this headline, “Vouchers a step in the wrong direction.” It seems Corey is reciting the “gospel” of the national labor unions and federal/state bureaucrats (who say, “all we need is more and more money and more benefits.”) At one time, education was […]