Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A national revival


In the June 4th Tulsa Beacon, a story on the Taking Back America Conference was printed.  I believe in the goal of restoring King Jesus Christ, too.  But, if I could ask some questions of the presenters, I would start with this. Whose definition of civil justice do you accept? According to the title of […]

Letter to the editor: America is drifting away from God


America continues to defy God in many ways as it heads towards the inevitable judgment.  A recent example of this defiance happened when a young, educated, TV analyst, out of the blue, said, “I have the right to choose, the Supreme Court gave me that right.”  That unscripted statement did not trigger a reaction, much less a discussion. […]

Letter to the editor: Free trade?


And now, thru the magic of imagination, we take you into the very bowels of the United States Senate where a multi-nation “free trade” treaty is being debated. “ . . . and this treaty will make every nation prosperous beyond the dreams of avarice.” “How?” “Every nation will be able to sell its agricultural […]

Letter to the editor: Farming rules


A draft rule issued by USDA aims to define what it means to be ‘actively engaged’ in farming. The proposed rule makes some important changes, but those improvements are immediately undermined by two new loopholes introduced in the rule. The draft rule, somewhat unabashedly, only applies to farms that are large enough to “require” quadruple […]

Letter to the editor: Time to end dismemberment abortion


Let’s hope that that other states will follow the lead of Kansas and Oklahoma in banning dismemberment abortions.  And let’s hope the U.S. Congress will soon pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Protection Act, as the U.S. House is set to take it up. What exactly happens in a dismemberment abortion?  The following is sworn testiomony given […]

Letter to the editor: Texting while driving


Yay! We’re No. 46! Or we will be on Nov. 1 when Oklahoma’s law banning texting while driving kicks in, making us the 46th state to pass such legislation. But why wait? Avoid the rush. Stop texting now. We congratulate the Oklahoma Legislature for their wisdom in passing this much-needed law. It will no doubt […]

Letter to the editor: More streets, not dams


Now that we know the estimate to build low-water dams in Tulsa County (nearly a third of a Billion dollars), it seems that amount of money could be put to much better use.  The streets in Tulsa, Bixby and Broken Arrow are much too narrow to accommodate the traffic flow they experience.  Every afternoon between […]

Letter to the editor: Homosexual health risk


Concerning the Supreme Court debate on “same-sex marriage,” all of us need to remind the court that it is a health risk. You know, if you play in the sewer – as in the human septic system – you risk contamination with e coli, etc. Then, men who contaminate themselves are at risk of contaminating […]