Editorial: A rare victory for free speech


Free speech is still alive in America even though it is under constant assault. In Washougal, Washington, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a Christian advocacy group, obtained dismissal of criminal charges against five street preachers who were cited by police for “disturbing public peace” outside of Washougal High School in November 2017. The street preachers […]

Editorial: Persecution of President Trump


President Donald Trump said a bad word in a private meeting and it got reported to the liberal press by a Democrat at that meeting. Trump shouldn’t have used that word. But every action taken by the President, his family and his administration is cast in a negative light by the national media and our […]

Editorial: Messy DT parking getting worse


How do you improve parking in Downtown Tulsa? By getting rid of any free parking spaces while making parking more complicated and expensive. At least that is the view of Mayor G.T. Bynum and some city councilors. It is strange that their stated goal is to get more people to go downtown and yet they […]

Editorial: Don’t raise taxes as revenue rises


It’s hard to make a case that Oklahoma’s state government needs to raise taxes. In December, the state treasurer reported that state revenues surged by 12 percent. That’s a big jump. In fact, in 2017, state revenues rose by 6.2 percent. That’s great. It is probably due in part to the new economic optimism engendered […]

Editorial: Republicans act like Democrats?


House Speaker Pro Tempore Harold Wright should change his political party. Wright, a registered Republican, is a fiscal progressive. He wants to expand state government by raising taxes – even though the state is on the verge of an economic boom. Wright has authored a bill to amend Section 33 of Article V of the […]

Letter to the editor: Transgender madness in the military


It used to be that a flat-footed person could not get into the military service and that was a common-sense restriction – whether you were assigned to the infantry or elsewhere. The reason was, that during a time of war, whatever might be a person’s specialty, wartime conditions could easily put someone in a situation […]

Letter to the editor: Jerusalem and end times prophecy


Jerusalem became the center of U.N. attention over America’s decision to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Yet some day, after Jesus Christ returns to rule this Earth, all nations will want their embassies there.  If they still exist! Jesus, The Word of God, the Son of God and Son of Man, will […]

Editorial: Under Trump, America has hope


After eight years of liberalism and departure from conservative values, President Trump made great progress in 2017 in unraveling the mess that Barack Hussein Obama created. In immigration, Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which Obama illegally set in place to thwart immigration laws. Reversing an Obama policy against law enforcement, Trump […]

Editorial: What ‘pro-life’ really should mean


Here is the litmus test for candidates in 2018 – do they want to end abortion in Oklahoma and America? All of the major state offices, all of the spots in the Oklahoma House and half of the offices in the Oklahoma Senate could be up for grabs. Oklahoma could have races in all five […]

Editorial: Changing sex is simply a big lie


National Public Radio (NPR) host Jesse Thorn announced that his 6-year-old boy is “transgendered” and will be raised as a girl named Grace. That should be against the law. Parents are supposed to train and shape a child as they grow and not let them drift into a destructive lifestyle. But there is a deeper […]