Letter to the editor: Evil is being accepted


God’s command to mankind has always been, “Be righteous and do good.” But the history of mankind has shown the inability of man to follow God’s Word. The perverted mind of some call good evil, and evil good. After killing eight precious innocent human beings and injuring others, the terrorist in New York City said, […]

We’ve all got a past…


Listening to the Roy Moore news cycle, I am concerned that we lack conservative leadership. Not political leadership, which we may also lack, but opinion leadership. Leadership that should be reminding us that conservative Alabamans (and Oklahomans) really do “hate the sin but not the sinner.” Judge Moore is accused of “creepy” behavior in the […]

Letter to the editor: Answers in Scripture


The quick answer of why does fake news still fail is simply honesty always prevails. President Trump’s mass mandate really was genuine. The 2016 election was not hacked by Russian aliens after all as CNN’s producer admitted on June 27 (that the Russian hacking antics was merely just more fake news). It is truth not […]

Editorial: The state of the city is not good


Who runs Tulsa? Just look at the recent “state of the city” luncheon and it is evident that the chambercrats are in charge. Mayor G.T. Bynum, like almost all of his predecessors, chose to make his annual comments on the state of Tulsa before an exclusive luncheon hosted by the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce. […]

Editorial: Democrats want higher taxation


While Republican leadership in the Oklahoma Legislature is not performing as fiscal conservatives, the Democrat leaders are still much worse. Gov. Mary Fallin, the chambercrats in the Senate and unwitting Republicans in the House were trying like crazy to raise a host of new taxes, the Democrats blocked their efforts because the Democrats wanted an […]

Editorial: Liberals targeting kids for sex ed


When the liberal media joins forces with secularist public school officials, the losers are students and their parents. That is the case so far in the Fresno (California) Unified School District. Those school officials let a reporter from the Fresno Bee newspaper have access to high school students on campus. The liberal reporter was working […]

Editorial: Special election on November 14


Special elections are notorious for bad outcomes. On November 14, most Tulsa voters will decide the fate of seven proposed charter changes. There are two local special elections, one for the Oklahoma House and one for the Senate. Plus, there is a utility franchise vote in Bixby and a City of Sand Springs bond election. […]

Editorial: Liability for selling beer to drunks


Finally, the Oklahoma Supreme Court got one right. In 2018, Oklahoma will expand its liquor laws so that convenience stores, groceries, drug stores and other retailers will be able to sell hard beer and wine for the first time. In October, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that a convenience store may be held liable if […]

Editorial: Tulsa hikes water bills once again


Here’s something that shouldn’t surprise any Tulsan – utility rates are going up in November. Like clockwork, the Tulsa City Council and Mayor G.T. Bynum annual jack up the cost of their water and sewer rates. These annual 7-plus percent increases may seem small to some, but it adds up to low-income Tulsans, the elderly […]

Letter to the editor: Abortion is a bigger problem than opioids


Recently, President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency and the government is going to spend billions of taxpayer dollars in an effort to prevent and treat opioid addiction. The government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports approximately 64,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016 – that’s a death rate […]