Letter to the editor: Lord: My ‘silent plea’


Now I sit me down in school, Where praying is against the rule. For this great nation under God, Finds mention of Him very odd. If scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow, Becomes a federal matter now. Hair can be purple, orange or green, […]

Letter to the editor: Letter to the President


Every Christian needs to send this reminder to President Donald Trump: Dear Mr. President, You promised to stop the flow of taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood. You promised to rescind the Johnson Amendment in order to give church pastors more freedom to speak from the pulpit. You promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel […]

Letter to the editor: Human trafficking


I am writing to express my concern over an issue that is both important and appalling, yet almost never talked about – human trafficking. It is a widespread, worldwide issue that has even taken root in our own country but I have not heard one peep about it from any news outlet. As I was […]

Editorial: Tulsa’s myopic view of Downtown


Tulsa’s myopic city leaders can’t see past Downtown or Midtown. All of the emphasis by Mayor G.T. Bynum is on developing Downtown and near-Downtown. There’s nothing wrong with building a strong downtown but it should be built by private interests – the ones who stand to benefit the most – and not with taxpayer funds, […]

Editorial: No need for more grizzly bears


Here’s another bad idea left over from the Obama Regime. Some federal bureaucrats want the population of grizzly bears to increase in states in the Northwest. What? Don’t they know that grizzly bears kill livestock and kill and eat people? Unfortunately, grizzly bears are expanding their range in states like Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Bureaucrats […]

Editorial: Republicans act like Democrats


Does the GOP platform encourage more gambling, more alcoholism, liberalized marijuana laws and increased government borrowing? Republicans control the Oklahoma House and Senate and the governor is a Republican. But on some issues, they are not performing like members of the Grand Old Party. In this session, there are Republican authors for bills that: Kill […]

Letter to the editor: Pharmaceutical drug problem grows


One reason for the drug crisis in America is the fact that pharmaceutical drugs are too easy to obtain.  We are bombarded with media commercials for pharmaceutical drugs that can be delivered right to your front door. Every day we see a barrage of commercials on television, radio, the Internet and in magazines and newspapers […]

Letter to the editor: Film shows the truth of Islam


The entire western world is being swamped by an Islamic invasion but Muslims aren’t coming in uniforms and carrying guns – they are arriving en masse through immigration with the assistance of western governments. Some call this phenomenon “refugee resettlement.” Few are willing to call it what it is – an “act of conquest” – […]

Editorial: Courageous Rep. Jim Bridenstine


God bless U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine. Besides being a genuine hero due to his military service as a pilot, he is an exemplary Christian in word and deed. On April 11, Bridenstine walked into the lion’s den by hosting a public town hall at the ORU Mabee Center. Even though thousands of his ardent supporters […]

Editorial: Vote for Tressa Nunley on May 9


Oklahoma House 75 in Tulsa and Broken Arrow needs a new representative and there are some good candidates. Due to the resignation of former Rep. Dan Kirby, there will be a special winner-take-all primary on May 9, followed by a special election July 11 to pick a winner. The Republican field includes Tressa Nunley, Nic […]