Editorial: Bible study groups are targeted


Do you need proof that Christians are being discriminated against and persecuted in America? The Pacific Justice Institute reports about a case in Bakersfield, California. A retirement community, Solera at Kern Canyon, has a central clubhouse where various interest groups meet. About 10 years ago, some members of the community began meeting there for weekly […]

Editorial: Let’s only feed the poor students


Oklahoma City Public Schools next year is going to offer free breakfast and lunch to all of its 44,000 students. Why? The program is being funded by the USDA’s Community Eligibility Provision, a federal bureaucracy that subsidizes meals for school districts in low-income areas. This is a federal program that also siphons off local funds. […]

Editorial: Michigan law protects young girls


The Michigan Senate has approved make a common Muslim practice a felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Genital mutilation of girls is will soon be illegal in Michigan. You won’t read about this in liberal news media because it contradicts the politically correct mantra that Islam is a peaceful religion and that […]

Editorial: Racial bias at commencement


U.S. Senator John Cornyn was invited and then uninvited to deliver the commencement address at Texas Southern University. Why the switch? Because Sen. Cornyn is white. Texas Southern is an historically black university. More than 800 people there signed a petition that was started by a student who opposed having a white, Republican senator speak […]

Editorial: Remembering America’s heroes


Americans enjoy the greatest freedoms in the world because of those who died in defense of those freedoms. Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is when we recognize those who have died in military service. We celebrate it on May 29 this year. Waterloo, New York was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by […]

Editorial: Abortion and global warming?


Radical feminist Gloria Steinem believes the world is suffering from “global warming” because America dragged its feet in legalizing abortion. What? It’s true. This 83-year-old progressive thinks America and the planet are “overpopulated” because we have not let enough women kill their own babies before they are born. She said, “Listen, what causes climate deprivation […]

Editorial: More fake news in Oklahoma


Even though Oklahoma is predominately conservative, the mainstream media – including the liberal Tulsa World, the TV stations and most radio stations – jump at the chance to criticize common-sense situations. Oklahoma is having a state budget shortfall. State Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, said one way to relieve the financial pressure from publicly funded […]

Editorial: Immigration and the rule of law


Can a society survive without the rule of law? The debate over illegal immigration ranges from the deportation of 11 million (or more) illegals to deportation of illegals who are convicted criminals to – believe it or not – no deportation whatsoever. There are some radical groups, especially in California, don’t want anyone sent home, […]

Editorial: Abortion abolition is important


When state lawmakers work to abolish abortion in Oklahoma, the liberal media and many Democrats complain that they are wasting their time by concentrating on pro-life legislation that will undoubtedly be overturned by the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court. Yet you don’t hear one word of criticism over the passage of a bill by Sen Ervin […]

Editorial: More gambling for Oklahomans


Do you want to help public education? Gamble more. Do you want teachers to make more money? Gamble more. Do you want ACT scores to rise in Oklahoma? Gamble more. That’s the conclusion of Gov. Mary Fallin and a majority of senators and representatives. They have modified the “state lottery for education,” stripping away the […]