Letter to the editor: Our spiritual heritage


Consider the situation at the time of the Solemn Assembly called by the Prophet Joel. The people of Israel were guilty of flagrant, unconfessed sin. The sin had not been put away, either. God visited them with a remedial judgment – an overwhelming invasion of locusts, a fierce drought, fields ruined. The prophet issued orders: […]

Editorial: Bynum is growing government


After campaigning to restore relations with county officials, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum is doing just the opposite. Instead of working out a reasonable deal over funding for the county jail, Bynum and his council cohorts decided to withdraw municipal prisoners and open up a new jail. Bynum did so without consulting the Tulsa County Sheriff […]

Editorial: After effects of Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey will continue to wreck damage for a long time. It has been described as the worst natural disaster in American history. More than a million homes were flooded in South Texas and Louisiana. Tens of thousands of residents were relocated. Lives were lost. Early estimates of the damage went way over $40 billion. […]

Editorial: Perverted kindergarten lessons


Homosexuals are taking the fight for special rights and forced recognition to elementary schools. An example is Rocklin Academy Gateway, a charter school in Rocklin, California. Two families were shocked when their daughters came home from school and described how their kindergarten teacher taught them a lesson about the merits of sex changes (transgender). Believe […]

Letter to the editor: Democrats’ Russian connection


Today, Pravda is promoted and used by the Democrats and Washington Post writers. The national press and Democrats seem to think it helps their cause and do not seem to care that it is harmful to the U.S. Government and our military. It also helps Russia.  But then, so too it helps the Democrats, they […]

Editorial: Rep. John Bennett tells the truth


State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, is a decorated war hero, a solid Christian and a man with a passion for the truth. In light of the rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the subsequent rush to tear down any statue or monument honoring Confederate leaders, Bennett wrote on social media that if we are going to […]

Editorial: Motivation for excellent teachers


The best teacher is one who loves to teach and is genuinely interested in his or her students. As some teachers move to Texas for more money, an interesting situation has developed. Some people who have vast experience in careers other than education but who have no teaching experience are jumping into teach. These highly […]

Editorial: Who cares what Durant thinks?


Kevin Durant doesn’t like President Donald Trump and he isn’t ashamed to say so in public. In August, Durant was in Prince George’s County, Maryland (about 30 minutes from the White House) and Durant said he would not meet with Trump in the White House. It is a custom for teams that win national titles […]

Letter to the editor: Democrat Party wants to dump the Constitution


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, has asked House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, to support legislation to remove confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol.  Senator Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, recently promised to introduce a bill in the Senate to remove the statues from the U.S. Capitol building, saying, “This is just one step.  We have […]

Letter to the editor: America needs God more than ever


America needs God more than ever.  Ungodliness is actually the biggest problem in America.  America needs to return to the Living God of Abraham and live according to His just commandments.  Hate must be replaced by Godly love. The defeated Satan and his followers are still afflicting humanity in terrible ways.  Their goal is to […]