Letter to the editor: Troubling Iran treaty


A 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brings in a briefcase full of beeping electronics into school and he is deemed a genius and a  hero. Picture 10,000 Ahmed Mohameds pulling the same stunt with a real briefcase bomb triggered from outside their school via cell phone. Why does President Obama encourage such behavior? Why would President Obama take […]

Editorial: GOP moderates divide the party


The Republican Party is losing support because of heavy-handed manipulation from the social moderates who cannot tolerate conservatism. This is happening at the federal level, the state level and at the county level. At the federal level, businessman Donald Trump is driving the neo-conservatives batty because he speaks his mind. They don’t really mind his […]

Editorial: Will Israel bomb Iran’s plants?


Who could blame Israel if it bombed the nuclear facilities of Iran? President Obama and the U.S. Congress have stabbed our best ally in the Middle East in the back by approving a treaty (that is what it is according to the Constitution) that empowers Iran – Israel’s sworn enemy – with $150,000,000,000.00 in hard […]

Editorial: Problems with Syrian refugees


Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing war-torn Syria and America’s liberal media is emphasizing the human suffering that invariably accompanies this kind of flight from tyranny. Europe is taking in thousands and President Obama has pledged to pick up 10,000 and bring them to the United States. It sounds like a compassionate gesture, consistent […]

Letter to the editor: Thanks for the articles


I so appreciate and enjoy the article you wrote supporting (Kentucky clerk) Kim Davis. She is certainly a brave Christian woman. On the front page of the Tulsa Beacon (September 17), there was an excellent article on wolfberries.  Young Living Essential Oils makes a delicious, nutritious drink from wolfberries called NingXia Red. They also sell […]

Letter to the editor: A Muslim for president?


These are exciting times in which to live and serve the Lord. Many people have been imploring God to bring a revival, another Great Awakening, like He did in times past, to heal our land. Recently the question of placing a Muslim in the White House arose. Donald Trump said he would include a Muslim […]

Editorial: Clerk Kim Davis set the example


The valiant stand of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis against issuing homosexual marriage licenses is helping define the 2016 presidential hopefuls. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, went to Rowan County and led a rally calling for her release on the grounds that her religious liberty is being denied. Huckabee […]

Editorial: Bigger government is the plan


City Councilor Blake Ewing wants more local and federal tax dollars to build a massive transit hub in Downtown Tulsa. He has not released details for this plan to grow government but it involves bridges over railroad tracks and would facilitate bus service, biking, parking and passenger rail service. This monstrous plan is consistent with […]

Letter to the editor: Keep guns from criminals, not citizens


Black lives matter, cops lives matter, unborn lives matter.  Let’s face it, all lives matter. The methods of taking lives vary.  Guns seem to get the most attention.  Recently, knives, machetes, heat inside automobiles, choking, beating and the abortion table have made national news as methods of taking lives. Let’s think deeply about the guns. […]