Editorial: Oklahoma Supreme Court error


The War on Christianity continues with the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Seven of the nine liberal justices ruled that a monument to the Ten Commandments must be removed from state property even though it was funded privately by State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze and his family. Oddly enough, the liberal U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that […]

Editorial: More fallout from SCOTUS case


What are some of the problems that will follow the wrong-headed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize homosexual marriage in all 50 states? Here is some of the fallout from the 5-4 SCOTUS vote on June 6 in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges: Employers will have to adjust their policies on medical […]

Editorial: Episcopalians endorse homosexuality


This is no surprise. The Episcopal General Convention in Salt Lake City this summer voted to completely embrace homosexual marriage. Why would any Christian who believes in what the Bible teaches stay affiliated with this Episcopal denomination? Frankly, most genuine Christians have already packed their bags and left. More than a decade ago, the Episcopalians […]

Editorial: Regionalism doesn’t help Tulsa


Sales tax is the lifeblood of city finances. In Tulsa, the infrastructure needs continue to grow and the revenue stream from sales tax appears more and more shaky. Which makes it all the more curious as city elected officials continue to support activities that chew away at the tax base. Chamber officials, who have a […]

Editorial: Liberal court damages America


The Supreme Court decision to force the entire nation to legalize homosexual marriage will have devastating long-term and short-term effects. Tension is building between the secularists who want to erase any trace of Christian influence and decent Americans who hold to traditional and Biblical values. When the tipping point in this battle occurs is anyone’s […]

Editorial: Liberals encourage racial divide


The racial divide in America is deepening. Why? The recent shooting of black people by a white man in a church in South Carolina is not being interpreted as the evil work of a crazy person but instead is seen as an opportunity to stir discord. President Obama, the first black president, was supposed to […]

Editorial: A different direction for America


God bless America! As most Americans celebrate the birth of our nation, there is great cause for concern. The traditional morality unique to America is slipping away as we kill unborn babies and endorse homosexual marriage. We have a president who praises someone for the “courage” to have a “sex-change” while that same president has […]

Editorial: The government and marriage


In an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times, Ethan J. Leib a professor of Law at Fordham Law School, argues that government should discontinue licensing marriage. He correctly points out that some in the homosexual movement really don’t won’t to be married because it is an “old-fashioned institution” that doesn’t afford them the sexual […]

Editorial: Global warming and religion?


The Rev. Mitch Hescox, president and CEO of the  Evangelical Environmental Network has joined with Pope Francis in declaring global warming and climate change the highest priority for a Christian. “We are grateful that the Pope has joined with over 300 evangelicals like Rick Warren, Rich Stearns, and Bill Hybels, and other Christian leaders who […]

Letter to the editor: Marriage crucified in America


Marriage was crucified in broad daylight on June 26. Yet God does His best work – just after a crucifixion. I was glad to be on a Conference Call on June 26 with Dr. James Dobson and over 200 preachers and Christian Leaders across America.  I signed a Defend Marriage.org  Declaration a few weeks ago […]