Editorial: U.S. heroin problem is growing


Heroin usage among the 18-25-year-old population has more than doubled over the past decade and a big reason is abuse of prescribed opioid painkillers. The Centers for Disease Control reports that heroin usage and heroin overdose deaths are on the rise. The CDC says 45 percent of people who use heroin are also addicted to […]

Editorial: Higher taxes from city councilors


All of Tulsa’s city councilors can’t wait to raise taxes and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the pet projects of their handlers at the chamber of commerce. They are holding “public input” meetings and trying to convince citizens that the tax increase is a foregone conclusion and that everyone will get everything they […]

Editorial: High vs. no state income taxes


Do high taxes affect people? Consider this, NBA center DeAndre Jordan became a free agent this summer and instead of re-signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, he negotiated a deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Jordan loved playing with former Sooner Blake Griffin on a team called “Lob City.” Several things attracted Jordan back to his […]

Editorial: People listen to Donald Trump


Kudos to Donald Trump. Trump may not be the best choice to be the next president but he has soared to the top of the polls because he speaks the truth and battles the liberal media (and moderate Republicans). Trump “got in trouble” because he accurately pointed out that some of the millions of illegal […]

Letter to the editor: Atheist wants a one-world government


Citizen-Action.com reports that on June 18, the Vatican put out an encyclical in which Pope Francis urged the world to take measures to reduce anthropogenic (man-caused) climate change.  One of the lead advisors for the encyclical is prominent German atheist and one-world government activist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. Schellnhuber recently wrote in The Guardian (United Kingdom) […]

Letter to the editor: ‘Are you in?’


I am one of many World War II veterans who agree with the following statement from One Political Plaza on July 5, 2015: “The fact that many things are not as they should be is not the fault of the country or our ancestors’ lack of foresight. That fault lies with our parents – and […]

Letter to the editor: Ten Commandments


I agree that the Oklahoma Supreme Court is in error by demanding that the Ten Commandments Monument be removed. The court said it is “… obviously religious in nature and integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths …” Well, that is true, but then it is obviously the basis for principal laws in this […]

Editorial: Oklahoma Supreme Court error


The War on Christianity continues with the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Seven of the nine liberal justices ruled that a monument to the Ten Commandments must be removed from state property even though it was funded privately by State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze and his family. Oddly enough, the liberal U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that […]

Editorial: More fallout from SCOTUS case


What are some of the problems that will follow the wrong-headed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize homosexual marriage in all 50 states? Here is some of the fallout from the 5-4 SCOTUS vote on June 6 in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges: Employers will have to adjust their policies on medical […]

Editorial: Episcopalians endorse homosexuality


This is no surprise. The Episcopal General Convention in Salt Lake City this summer voted to completely embrace homosexual marriage. Why would any Christian who believes in what the Bible teaches stay affiliated with this Episcopal denomination? Frankly, most genuine Christians have already packed their bags and left. More than a decade ago, the Episcopalians […]