Editorial: Democrats want gun control


Gun control proponents, including Commander-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama, rely on incrementalism to achieve their goal – the disarming of America. Every time a white madman kills more than one person with a gun, Obama tells the eager media that “America must do something” to “end gun violence.” Obama won’t respond to gun violence by minorities […]

Letter to the editor: Politicians abandon the Constitution


Recent remarks by several presidential candidates from both major political parties shows clearly that America no longer understands what our Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand for.  Hearing them say, “it’s the law” or “it’s the law of the land,” makes some of us almost sick to our stomach. The fact is that the […]

Letter to the editor: Terrorists killing Christians


Recently yet another graphic video of terrorists killing Christians surfaced on the Internet. On the heels of an increasing stream of photos of scores of mutilated bodies from similar events in North Africa and the Middle East, each of us are developing habitual responses. How are we responding? One understandable reflex is to avert our […]

Editorial: $75 million tax hike for museum


The hogs are running up to the trough when it comes to Tulsa’s new sales tax increase proposal. Shamelessly, Gilcrease Museum wants $75,000,000.00 to put with a possible donation of $50,000,000.00 from The University of Tulsa. This is the latest strategy of the chamber moguls who want to spend, spend, spend public money without raising […]

Editorial: Obama raises gasoline prices


Gasoline prices are on the rise again because of the failures of the Obama administration. Is it fair to blame the federal government on high gasoline costs? Yes. In the past few years, America has had a great opportunity to develop energy independence. While private companies invested in innovation to tap vast resources of oil […]

Editorial: Rally for marriage, against abortion


Oklahomans are opposed to legalized abortion and for traditional marriage that is limited to one man and one woman. On October 25, hundreds or thousands of Oklahomans will gather at the State Capitol in a rally and affirm traditional marriage and protest the killing of unborn babies. U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, State Rep. Dan […]

Letter to the editor: Outraged over Planned Parenthood


Over the past several months, undercover videos have been released that show officials of Planned Parenthood (PP) discussing selling organs of aborted fetuses (which is a federal crime) and employees of PP discussing babies being born alive and then killed after failed abortions. PP’s official response has been that  it has committed no crimes, despite […]

Letter to the editor: Jesus the Answer


There is an answer. The morals of America are going to the pits and prison populations are growing like a monster cancer. Anyone with common sense knows if you destroy the foundation of something it will not last very long. This country was founded by the people who believed in God and the Ten Commandments […]

Editorial: Putin outmaneuvers Obama


Russia has military forces in Syria attacking the rebel forces who are supported by the Obama Administration. As the weak and scattered foreign policy of Obama damages our influence in the Middle East, Russia is stepping into that political vacuum by propping up the Syrian dictatorship. And Obama’s failed policies could provoke the biggest conflict […]

Editorial: Higher property taxes in Chicago


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes you can tax your way to prosperity. Emanuel, a confidant of President Obama, won a second term as mayor in February. Now he wants a $543,000,000.00 increase on Chicago property taxes in the face of a $745,000,000 budget shortfall and the chance that retired policemen and firefighters won’t get their […]