Editorial: Chamber wants liberal publicity

The Tulsa Regional Chamber, which has a large percentage of its funding from Tulsa’s hotel tax, commissioned a report that the recent session of the Oklahoma Legislature produced $50 million in bad publicity for the state.

This is ridiculous on several levels.

First, it is impossible to quantify bad publicity. This worthless study looked at how much coverage Oklahoma got versus how much it would cost to buy advertising in the same news source.

Secondly, all the so-called “negative publicity” is limited to ultra-liberal “news outlets” like the Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Washington Post and MSN.com. Getting a “bad reputation” with them is a badge of honor for Americans who love decency.

The chamber overlords don’t want Oklahomans to be concerned about boys dressed like girls seeing teenaged girls changing clothes in a middle school locker room.

The chamber bosses don’t want anyone to know that Oklahoma spends more than half its state budget on public education.

And the chamber, which could care less about poor people, doesn’t want anyone in New York or Los Angeles to know that Oklahomans don’t want to raise taxes and don’t support President Obama.

The implication here by the chamber regime is that Oklahomans must conform to the standards of the national liberal media. Instead of holding to traditional moral values and fiscal responsibility, state lawmakers must not sponsor any bills that offend liberal pinheads on the East or West coasts.

The real damage here is that Tulsa gives one penny of tax money to the chamber, a private group that has no public accountability and funds political action committees that promote liberal politics.