Changes in Tulsa’s garbage service

The Tulsa City Council approved updated ordinances for Tulsa’s trash services.

The ordinances were written by the City Council and Tulsa Authority for Recovery of Energy (TARE) board over the last few months.

The updated garbage ordinances dictate enforcement of trash rules and changes to trash rates for the garbage services offered by the City of Tulsa, including residential and commercial solid waste, recycling, curbside yard waste and bulky waste and landfill services.

“Developing these ordinances has been a goal of the TARE board since we developed the new trash system in 2012,” said Paul White, the TARE board member who helped lead the task force’s efforts.

Several changes were made to residential services and they are scheduled to go into effect November 1.

They include:

  • The rate structure for residential trash service has been simplified into menu choices. The standard rate applies to all, and each customer can choose one or more individually priced premium services (backyard collection, extended backyard collection, twice a week collection and additional carts). Based on current service to customers, the new rate structure will slightly decrease the monthly trash charge being paid by 88 percent of Tulsa households. The remaining 12 percent of customers may see an increase, depending on the number of Premium Services they choose.
  • For residential customers with curbside collection, a maximum of 15 items can be placed outside the cart(s) for collection each week. The collection limit applies to any combination of bags affixed with an “extra refuse sticker, clear bags containing yard waste, and/or bundles of yard waste.
  • For residential customers with backyard service, extended backyard service or physically limited service, a maximum of 3 bags affixed with an extra refuse sticker can be placed outside the cart collected from the backyard. These customers can also set out for collection at the curb up to 15 items (any combination of bags affixed with an extra refuse sticker, clear bags containing yard waste and/or bundles of yard waste).

The trash rates will automatically be adjusted Nov. 1 based on residents’ service, and officials say there is no need for residents to call the city unless they have further questions or want to change their service level.  The Tulsa Authority for Recovery of Energy (TARE) is a public trust organization created by City charter.