Editorial: Changing sex is simply a big lie

National Public Radio (NPR) host Jesse Thorn announced that his 6-year-old boy is “transgendered” and will be raised as a girl named Grace. That should be against the law. Parents are supposed to train and shape a child as they grow and not let them drift into a destructive lifestyle.

But there is a deeper societal problems.

According to the Washington Times, conservative comedian Owen Benjamin has been blackballed because he made a joke about Thorn’s decision to turn his boy into a “girl.”

Benjamin said he would have been labeled a girl at that age because he liked to weave and hated sports. But once he hit puberty, he knew that he wanted to date women. Because of that comment, colleges canceled his paid appearances. His manager and agent dropped him. His schedule emptied.

People told him he was bullying a “transgendered” child.

Thankfully, Benjamin is going to open his own club where he won’t be censored for holding to traditional values and mocking political correctness. Right-leaning comedians are being punished and the lefties who bash President Trump constantly are getting all the TV and movie gigs.

Long gone is the middle-of-the-road comedy of the late Johnny Carson. It has been replaced by the acid comments of Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel.

Not only are these guys not funny, but much of their ranting is inaccurate and is passed along as truth on social media.

The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University reports that Trump is the most ridiculed president in history.


The only bright spot is that liberal talk radio has never succeeded (and never will).

In the meantime, child abuse can flourish while conservative comedians get fired for their opinions.

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