Editorial: Chelsea Clinton and free speech

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, has low regard for the freedom of speech in the First Amendment.

Clinton, who chose not to take the last name of her husband, wants a federal law to outlaw “conversion therapy” because she thinks it is “child abuse.”

Conversion therapy helps people who get trapped in a homosexual lifestyle to recover and lead a normal life. This therapy, especially in a Christian context, has helped thousands of Americans escape a degrading lifestyle.

The radicals involved in the Homosexual Agenda have targeted conversion therapy because they want to promote the myth that you are born a homosexual and nothing you will ever do will change that.  They want Americans to believe that homosexuality is not a choice, but a inescapable destiny. There is no scientific proof that people are born as homosexuals.

The radicals have convinced liberal Democrats in California and New Jersey to pass state laws that would strip away the state license of any counselor who advises a patient that they can leave homosexual behavior.

This is so unconstitutional. The government should not be telling licensed councilors to withhold sound advice, especially to vulnerable young people.

No one should care what Chelsea Clinton thinks but the real child abuse is not helping a young person who is confused about his or her sexuality to escape a homosexual lifestyle.