Editorial: City government needs some fixing

Democrat City Councilor Anna America – perhaps the most liberal councilor in Tulsa – wants to amend the City Charter.

A protégé of ex-Mayor Kathy Taylor, America wants to reduce the election cycle. Now, candidates file for office in April and the primary is set for June with an August runoff – if needed – and the general election in November.

This just points out how messed up Tulsa’s city government has become.

It started with a switch from a commissioner form to the present “strong mayor”/city council form. In the good old days, Tulsa had a street commissioner who would not only field complaints but who had the authority to do something about. There was a water commissioner who made sure we had safe drinking water (without chloramine) and there was a finance commissioner who kept an eye on the books.

Now, we have councilors who can’t tell bureaucrats what to do but can only pass along complaints to an all-powerful mayor. The commissioners were voted on at-large by the entire city while the nine councilors now represent a portion of the city.

But perhaps the worst change Tulsa made was to make the municipal elections nonpartisan. This let America and fellow Democrats hide their true idealogy. Some people who voted for America still think she is a Republican. She’s not and she doesn’t seem too anxious to let all the voters know she’s a diehard Democrat.

Every time liberals mess with the City Charter, things get worse. Progressives have a stranglehold on Tulsa’s city government and it will stay that way until voters – especially the conservative ones in South Tulsa – demand better representation.