City Hall Change?

Bynum runs for mayor; Bartlett is undeclared

In a year, America will elect a new president and Tulsa could elect a new mayor.

City councilor G.T. Bynum has announced that he will run for mayor in 2016. Bynum has been on the councilor since 2008.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett has not announced a formal decision but he is expected to run. Both Bynum and Bartlett are registered as Republicans.

Bartlett’s father was a former U.S. senator from Oklahoma and was a Republican governor. Bynum’s grandfather is former Tulsa Mayor Bob LaFortune and former Mayor Bill LaFortune (now a district judge) is Bynum’s cousin.

Bob LaFortune is his grandson’s campaign chairman. His list of supporters include: former City Auditor Preston Doerflinger; former City Councilor John Eagleton; former City Councilor Joe Williams, a Democrat; businessman Dan Keating (brother of former Gov. Frank Keating); Paula Marshall (Bama Pie); State Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, D-Tulsa; and others.

“Like Tulsa, these steering committee members represent a broad range of backgrounds and beliefs.  And like Tulsa, they are ready to unite and build a better city for the people they love.  I am appreciative so many have already committed to help with our campaign,” said Bynum.

Both Bartlett and Bynum are promoting an increase in city sales tax with a vote probably coming in April.

Because the city elections are “nonpartisan,” the mayoral race could draw more Republicans, several Democrats and Independents.

If only Bynum and Bartlett file, they would automatically go to the November general election. If more than two candidates file, there will be a primary on June 28. If one candidate gets a majority in the primary, he or she is the winner. If the top two candidates’ totals add up to more than 50 percent in the primary, they go to the November vote. If the top two don’t top 50 percent, there will be a runoff on August 23. Fifty-percent plus one in the runoff would elect a mayor without a November vote. If no one gets that much, the top two in the runoff advance.