Letter to the editor: Climate: usual suspects?

The current issue of the National Geographic has some interesting reading on the melting of the Antarctic ice. Regardless of the cause, it is melting by the cubic mile. In all the generations we have known about Antarctic ice, it is melting way faster than ever.

The Geographic predicts that in seventy years, the melting ice could raise sea level by seven feet — “flooding costal cities.”

This would be costly for those who own waterfront property. Let’s see, at a hundred dollars a truckload, a million-dollar beachfront property might cost ten thousand dollars a year to haul in enough rock to keep up with the rising waters.

Ocean-front property would be somewhat harder to sell because of this ongoing expense.

We are led to believe that this global warming is a result of human activity.

We are supposed to think that to control climate change, we have to stop mining, drilling, logging, fishing, farming and manufacturing.

Only, that would be like trying to stop the rising tide by carrying buckets of water away from the beach.

The sun runs in cycles that I don’t understand. It may put out more heat at some times than at others. The famed “Maunder Minimum” of 1645 to 1715 coincided with what was called “The Little Ice Age.” This had something to do with solar activity, and not with anything human beings did or did not do.

Forty thousand years ago, my place (in the mountains of Arizona) was covered with very thick ice. Solar activity, not human activity, brought the ice – and then melted it away.

Rather than let the Usual Suspects convince us to shut down civilization, we should rather find out their evil hidden agenda.