Letter to the editor: CNN fake news

The credible Tulsa Beacon had great foresight to run the “Vindicated on Hacking” letter back on May 18. And now, fast forward to today, where it is now proven the hack was actually liberal-driven.

Wow. As the clever voters of Bible Nation; formerly The Bible Belt, already knew, it is now confirmed that Russian aliens did not hack last year’s credible election. It would not have impacted 2020 anyway. The producer at CNN already admitted to this fake news story back in June anyway. So now everyone knows Trump’s mass mandate was real. It is almost a shame that Trump will have to stop and babysit to shake-up the FBI and all. Not to mention the waste of time and money the dumbocrats almost caused for 10 months. It leads now to a new question, How did Minnesota stay blue? Wow. Funny stuff. Still really glad America’s Great Again, folks