Coburn endorses Bridenstine, Mullin’s opponent Jackson

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, who is pursuing his third and final term in Congress, recently received the endorsement of former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma.

Bridenstine is facing political newcomer Tom Atkinson in the Republican primary on June 28.

“Jim Bridenstine is a man of his word,” Coburn said. “He faces unrelenting pressure from the political elite in Washington, yet he has never wavered in his commitment to the First District or our country. His courageous voting record is proof that he cares more about the longterm health of our nation than his own political career. That kind of moral courage is rare in Washington today. I am proud of the work he does on our behalf and thankful for the sacrifices that he and his family make to serve. I wholeheartedly endorse Jim Bridenstine.”

Coburn said he would only seek two terms in the U.S. Senate when he ran for office. He left with two years remaining due to health concerns.

“Senator Coburn is the quintessential citizen legislator,” Bridenstine said. “He has served our state and our country with honor and I am proud to have earned his support.”

Coburn also announced his endorsement of combat veteran Jarrin Jackson, who is challenging Congressman Markwayne Mullin in Oklahoma’s second district. Jackson will face Mullin in the GOP primary on June 28. Coburn, who had endorsed Mullin in 2012, said, “I am proud to endorse Jarrin Jackson, a combat veteran who understands and has fought for our Constitution. He will stand up for us in Washington and not go along to get along. He also will honor a six year self imposed term limit.”

Coburn’s endorsement comes on the heel of recent comments Mullin made about a similar term limit pledge he made in 2012. Then, when running as a first-time candidate, Mullin pledged to serve no more than three two-year terms in Congress. However, when asked recently if this would be the last time he ran for the office, Mullin said he is “seeking the Lord’s guidance and will instead do what he thinks is best for his family and District.”

“Dr. Coburn’s endorsement is important,” Jackson said, “because it reinforces his reputation for integrity and courage. He not only served us with honor when he held office, but he continues to serve by insisting that other public officials do the same. It takes courage to speak truth to power, no matter the truth, no matter the power. I welcome his support, his example, and the opportunity to build upon his work.”

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, is endorsing Mullin.

“I have served with many members of Congress during my years in the Senate, but few have shown the consistent devotion to conservative values that I have seen from Markwayne Mullin,” Inhofe said.