Letter to the editor: Communism and the Super Bowl

Several years ago, I read that after communists took over a nation and persecuted the church, they observed the church just got stronger. So they decided instead to weaken the church with their influence on unsuspecting organizers to plan events to be held at the same time as church services in order to “lure” church attendees away, especially young ones.

Has that happened? To answer that, please consider the following:

From secular reasoning, Saturday nights would be logical for scheduling Super Bowl Games. People, not living in the city where it would be played, would be traveling on Saturday to attend the game and probably returning home on Sunday. Now with Sunday nights, people travel on Sundays and then probably have to make arrangements for being absent from work or school on Monday. So scheduling the games on Sundays is not really the best time even for secular people. Then why have games on Sunday?

Scheduling them on Sunday nights hurts church attendance; therefore, Christians should oppose Sunday games, and Christian sports’ figures should also oppose their playing on Sunday.

The movie, Chariots of Fire, shows a Godly example of a Christian sports’ figure, Eric Liddell, who was a runner in the 1924 Olympics but would not participate on Sunday.)

It is obvious Sunday evening services once well attended have now downsized or no longer exist.

The Super Bowl game played only once a year is certainly not the only cause. There are also other sports’ games as well as weekly TV specials and other entertainment at the same time as church services, especially on Sunday nights that gets Christians’ participation in one way or another. Sad to say, even those in Christian education schedule youngsters’ sports’ practice and/or games at the same time as church services.

Have acquiescing Christians therefore inadvertently supported the communist agenda?