Concerns arise about what will happen in November of 2016

Now that we have passed the halfway point in 2015, it seems time to split our attention to the next 12 months until November 8, 2016, when ballots will, hopefully, be cast throughout the United States to elect the next president. Given the record of ignoring existing laws and practices of the PRESBO Administration and the leaders of Congress (from both parties), one is justified in having some question as to whether the scheduled election will actually occur. A number in my circle of friendship and acquaintanceship have expressed concern that some action will be taken to set aside the election.

An excuse could be a national emergency and the imposition of martial law with the military in control. It would seem to be a real stretch to suspect that could happen, but given the failure of the staff and department personnel to follow the existing laws, or for that matter their own regulations and laws, it would not seem out of the question. My fervent hope remains that cooler and more patriotic heads will prevail and the scheduled election will occur, just has it will have, by then, for 240 years.

Unfortunately it seems to me that both major political party leadership groups (the Establishments) have been infiltrated to the point of control by followers of the Communist/Socialist mentality. If this situation does prevail, then the possible outcome could come to pass. To make the problem even more difficult to prevent, we have the fact that a few of the very large states have moved to legitimize illegal aliens. This has been done in California by issuing drivers licenses to aliens without regard to legal status without even making them appear different so that it would be readily obvious that the person is not eligible to vote. Given the large populations in that and some other of the wayward states, the outcome could very easily be stolen.

Besides that, in the 2000 election there were reports from Florida, for example, that as many as 15,000 military ballots from overseas were not counted. Further, some states have declined to have paper ballots, that could be recounted, have gone to ballots by e-mail,or do not require photo ID proof of citizenship to register or vote, and thus the honesty of elections in those jurisdictions is very much open to question. Even here in Oklahoma, bills have been filed in the last legislative session that would open the door to massive fraud.

Of course, with even the best of election laws and vote procedures, it still depends on the diligence and honesty of the election officials – from the precinct all the way up to the state board (as well as the prosecutors and police) to give some assurance of a fair count. From observation in past elections, that seems to be a rather faint possibility in some jurisdictions.

So it becomes incumbent on all of us to give increased attention to the situation. We all need to become acquainted with the records of candidates and those officers mentioned before and locate those who, from past actions, can be depended upon to see that the procedures set down in law are followed, both in spirit and fact.

My personal experience has been to observe gross violations of the laws and rules by individuals and groups in positions as low as precinct judges. These were done, it appeared, to provide gain for one party or another. In some cases, the problem was that party officials failed to designate precinct officials to be present. In Oklahoma, the rule is that there are at least three officials at the polling place, with each party having at least one representative.

It will be up to the honest members of the population to be vigilant and observant and not hesitate to contact officials known to be honest with violation reports. In the meantime, become informed of the past records of candidates at all levels and vote, but only once.