Confidence in cooking a turkey?

In a recent survey conducted by Honeysuckle White turkey, 92 percent of Oklahomans reported high confidence in preparing their turkey – more than 14 percent higher confidence than other states surveyed.


One possible reason is Oklahomans get up earlier than others to start preparing their Thanksgiving meal, with 90 percent beginning preparation before 8 a.m. Here are some other details:

  • 37 percent of those start before 6 a.m;
  • 6 percent hit the kitchen before 4 a.m.

Here are some other interesting Thanksgiving trends:

  • Oklahomans were busy on Thanksgiving – 65 percent attend 2-plus meals on Thanksgiving Day, with 71 percent citing the reason being different sides of the family hosting separate celebrations.
  • While Oklahomans like time with friends/family, cooking and watching football like everyone else, they are 45 percent more likely to nap and 77 percent more likely to play an outdoor game as a favorite Thanksgiving activity.
  • Oklahomans prefer smoked turkey 14 percent more than other states surveyed. However, only 16 percent will actually smoke their Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Of the dishes typically served on Thanksgiving, turkey topped Oklahomans preferences at 80 percent – more than stuffing/dressing (62 percent), mashed potatoes (67 percent), cornbread (63 percent) – and even more than pie (74 percent).
  • Not surprisingly then, turkey is the leftover 90 percent of people look forward to most.

One stat that was surprising – only 6.8 percent of Oklahoma survey respondents have ever seen a turkey farm.