Editorial: Confiscating American firearms

Liberals are calling for confiscation of guns and gun bans in light of the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas October 1.

Anti-gun activists like Hillary Clinton and the entire staff of CNN and MSNBC tried to seize on the emotional impact of the shooting death of 59 (with more than 500 wounded) to get the American public to ignore the truth about guns.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

If liberals like Barack Obama confiscated every gun in America, criminals would find other ways to take life. And any effort to confiscate legal weapons simply penalizes law-abiding citizens. Criminals would have a field day if common citizens couldn’t legally own guns.

Democrats in Congress are screaming for “mandatory background checks.” Guess what – background checks are already mandatory when someone buys from a registered gun dealer. These progressives want background checks when an individual gun owner sells to another individual. That is totally unworkable.

And the left-wing Democrats want psychological testing done on anyone buying a weapon. That, too, is ludicrous. Gun retailers already carefully check the demeanor of gun purchasers to make sure they are not dangerous.

The agenda of the left is to eliminate the Second Amendment, disarm Americans and then impose more government control. That’s it in a nutshell.

America’s Founding Fathers understood that governments have a tendency toward tyranny and that a well-armed citizenry is the best protection against oppression.

Someone has said that the only reason the First Amendment has teeth is due to the Second Amendment. That is true.

Tens of millions of Americans legally own firearms and never harm anyone. Taking away the means to defend oneself is not the answer to a madman’s shooting spree.