Construction hampers businesses

The City of Tulsa is helping to connect customers and businesses near a street construction project. Additional blue business access signs are being installed in more prominent and higher positions at the intersection of East 61st Street and South Memorial Drive, and more signs will be added during the next couple of weeks.

A waterline replacement and street reconstruction project currently in progress at the intersection is scheduled for completion in November.

“During street projects, we want to minimize inconvenience during the inevitable disruption that occurs,” said Paul Zachary, Director of Engineering Services. “We constantly reevaluate and reassess how our projects affect and interact with the public. We are adding these signs at strategic locations to increase visibility for businesses and to encourage citizens to make the effort to remain loyal customers even during road construction.”

The situation at 61st Street and Memorial Drive has been challenging for business owners, who have experienced construction for the past couple of years while the City of Tulsa has been in the process of replacing a 48-inch waterline on 61st Street between South Mingo Road and South Sheridan Road. Street work at the intersections has occurred with the waterline installation, and will continue as a project at 61st Street and Sheridan Road is scheduled to begin in 2017.