County records get more accessible

Tulsa County Clerk Michael Willis announced the release of additional forms for public use for filing land records and associated documents.

Twelve commonly needed forms are now available at the County Clerk’s Office and online at

Previously, customers of the County Clerk’s Office were directed to purchase forms from office supply or forms retailers.

“This is a major shift in how we approach customer service,” said Willis. “We have a wonderful staff of helpful professionals, and with these commonly used forms available, we can save our customers time and money.   This added convenience will allow them to either bring in one of our forms that they can fill out at home, or use one of our public computers to fill out the form here in our office.”

The following forms are now available to the public:

Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant

Certificate of Fictitious Name

Mechanics Lien Statement

Quit Claim Deed

Quit Claim Deed Joint Tenancy

Request of Release of Recorded Department of Defense Form 214

Release of Judgment

Release of Mechanics Lien

Release of Mortgage

Statement of Judgment

Warranty Deed

Warranty Deed Joint Tenancy

These are the most commonly filed forms in the County Clerk’s Office. Additional forms will be added at a later time.

“My office is committed to improving customer service and the customer experience. We get hundreds of people through the office each week, and if we can provide a service that helps make their visit easier, it’s a win-win,” added Willis.