County seeks to improve transparency

Tulsa County Clerk Michael Willis announced the launch of a new transparency initiative powered by OpenGov, a cloud-based platform that helps increase government accountability and improve access to important public information.

The new site allows residents to track government spending and also make it easier for public officials to share complex financial and performance data in simple, understandable reports.

Tulsa County started this effort with five reports available including several with budget information, the county check register and employee data.  Additional information will be added in time.  The Tulsa County Transparency Initiative is available via, the Tulsa County homepage.

“This effort is important for both our residents and staff,” said Willis. “During my campaign, I focused on the need for additional transparency.  Our OpenGov platform is a powerful addition to our existing web resources. It makes our budget and financial information easy to view and consume for tax payers and county officials alike.”

Tulsa County officials worked with OpenGov for months to test and prove the system before launch.  The effort was made possible by a partnership between Willis, County Treasurer Dennis Semler and the Board of County Commissioners. Tulsa’s new OpenGov cloud platform helps government officials and staff to conduct better analysis and performance measurement by improving access to key financial data.

The platform also allows residents to view financial information in near real time, and answer frequently asked questions such as “how much did Tulsa County spend on asphalt in 2016?” building greater trust in government and facilitating civic engagement. Viewers can download the data to review, and share.

“The new OpenGov portion of our Tulsa County website is very easy to use,” said Semler.  “I’m glad we were able to work together to offer this valuable tool for the public.”

“It’s our mission to power more efficient and accountable governments, and we’re excited to partner with the County of Tulsa to harness the power of technology to increase government effectiveness,” said OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman. “From purchasing a few dollars worth of office supplies, to approving multi-million dollar improvement projects, public officials can now easily report and track financial information, and local residents can see how their tax dollars are at work.”