Editorial: Court backs homosexual ‘parent’

Study after study after study shows that children raised in a traditional, nuclear family have a better chance at living a normal and productive life.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court disagrees.

A district court judge ruled that when two lesbians stopped shacking up together, their child would be raised by the mother who bore him. The other lesbian thinks she should have the same parental rights as a biological father even though there is no blood relationship between her and the child.

The liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court agreed with the nonbiological mother and overturned the lower court.

It’s a mess.

Sometimes, a one-parent household cannot be avoided. God bless those men and women who roll up their sleeves and do the best job they can to give their children a good start in life.

It is a very selfish act to knowingly deprive a child of both a father and a mother. Combining the male and female perspectives in a loving home is absolutely better than one where sexual perversion is peddled with the theme, “any love is ‘good love.’”

This is where judicial activism apart from public opinion meets political correctness. The welfare of the child is cast aside as judges make laws instead of enforcing the laws already on the books.

The district court judge got it right. The Supreme Court once against showed its liberal leanings. The solution for Oklahoma voters is to examine the votes of the three justices on the ballot next November and use the ballot box to make a statement on judicial activism.