Culture War or Rot?

Although most Americans were not concerned with the country’s bathroom policy, the Obama administration has ordered all public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice.

In polling, the issue was a nonstarter. Now, as the New York Times points out, the whole nation is in a pitched battle over bathroom access. Religious conservatives are rebelling and some are even calling for President Obama’s impeachment.

Although this issue is the latest example of the Obama administration’s attack on our traditions and institutions in its never-ending culture war, the directive has been well planned for years.

As the Times wrote, in fact, it was the product of years of study inside the government and highly orchestrated by gay and transgender people.

The lobbying to allow people with differing anatomies to share the same bathroom came to a head last April led by Valerie Jarrett, the president’s senior advisor, confidant and probably an Iranian spy.

When North Carolina became the first state to explicitly bar transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice, a letter was sent to the president saying, “Too many students – including every single transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming student in North Carolina – will go to sleep tonight dreading the next school day.”

Much of the government’s effort was led by Catherine Lhamon, a civil rights litigator, who was made aggressive use of federal law known as Title IX, although this law was never intended for what it is used today.

One of the major reasons voters today are near rebellion with business-as-usual and vanilla politicians is no one seems to step up and defend their rights.

An example would be the joint letter recently sent to members of the legislature by the Tulsa Chamber President Mike Neal and the Oklahoma City Chamber’s CEO Roy Williams.

Instead of suing the government over this terrible overreach, the chamber officials equate it to dollars. They write, “This negative impact isn’t speculative. We have watched it play out in North Carolina over the past month as they lost more than $500 million in investment and spending.”

The vast majority of Americans have rights, too. It is not enough to equate one’s rights with money. People must stand up for values.

The country is on the wrong course because we have allowed IRS abuses, gays in the military, women in the infantry, open borders and the executive branch to go unchecked. Fortunately there will be an election in November that hopefully will turn the clock back on executive orders that have no basis in law.