DA supports the death penalty

January 17, 2013

Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris is calling for the death penalty in some murder convictions.

That’s appropriate.

Liberals scream about the injustice of the death penalty and they claim it is not a deterrent to further crime.


The death penalty is pure justice. When a person takes another person’s life with premeditation, they make themselves subject to the same treatment. Our system is way too slow and lenient when it comes to execution of first-degree murderers.

In an immoral culture, justice needs to be fair and timely.

As far as deterring crime, case after case shows that when the death penalty is in play, it is a part of the reasoning process of even dim-witted criminals. That’s why they wear masks and why they rob banks with an empty gun (or empty pocket). That’s why mass murderers sometimes take their own lives at the end of their killing spree – they don’t want to face judgment.

And the death penalty guarantees that the murderer will be deterred from ever committing that crime again.

The law fully takes care of extenuating circumstances when it comes to a homicide. Life in prison is sometimes the right choice instead of the death penalty.

The system sometimes errs but for the most part, those convicted are guilty as charged.

Thank goodness that Tulsa County has a district attorney like Tim Harris who is not afraid of criticism from the Left and who will press for full justice for those convicted of these terrible crimes.

The death penalty is part of our legal code. When it is appropriate, it should be used.