Dan Fisher runs for governor

Former state legislator Dan Fisher announced on August 20 before a crowd of hundreds in Oklahoma City that he would run for governor in 2018.

Fisher, a Republican, said he will focus on four main planks during his run for office:

  • Abolishing abortion
  • State sovereignty
  • Auditing everything, and
  • Proper government.

“Look at what politics as usual has gotten us here in the State” Fisher said. “We now have annual budget holes to fill. We had to drain our rainy day fund just to pay our monthly bills. The taxpayer is being asked to shoulder more and more of the heavy burden of government laid on their shoulders.

“And we’ve seemed to have made a deal with the devil by allowing the murder of 15 babies in our state every business day. Our campaign will challenge everything government does by asking a simple question, is that the proper role of government?”

Fisher is pastor of Liberty Church in Yukon. He and his wife of thirty-six years, Pam, have two children and three grandchildren. The Fishers call the El Reno, Yukon area home having lived there for nearly 25 years.

Fisher served two terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from district 60. Choosing not to seek a third term, Fisher returned full-time to his ministry.

A graduate of Arkansas Tech University, Fisher earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and mathematics, and spent three years as a classroom teacher. His wife Pam has twenty years of teaching experience.

Fisher says he is running for governor, “to restore conservative principles to a government that needs to learn to live within its means and to bring justice to those fifteen babies who lose their lives each and every business day in Oklahoma.”