Letter to the editor: Defending the Duggars

I encourage you to speak out in support of Josh Duggar and the entire Duggar family.

As a fourteen-year-old boy, Josh let his raging hormonal curiosity about the opposite sex lead him into improper exploration.  What he did was wrong.

Most fourteen-year-old boys are able to keep those hormonal urges in-check.  They think about those things, but normally, they do not act them out.  Josh pursued his impulses . . . and that was the wrong thing to do.

Nobody knew what Josh had done.  But Josh knew in his heart that he had done wrong.  He tearfully confessed to his parents and to the Lord.  Josh repented, asked for forgiveness of his transgressions, sought help, and God delivered him from that inappropriate behavior.

The entire Duggar family is now under condemnation from the secular world, the liberal media, and particularly the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community (LGBT).  It is interesting that the LGBTs want everyone to be tolerant and accepting of their behavior — and yet they are intolerant, and venomously attack anyone who opposes the LGBT lifestyle.

But I suppose that angry reaction is to be expected from people who have no knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the fact that through Jesus, our sins can be forgiven and our sinful lifestyles can be changed.  If that were not possible, everyone would be hopelessly lost in sin and doomed to spend eternity in the fiery pits of Hell.  But thank God, Salvation is available to anyone who will ask.

Every Christian must understand – this Satanic attack is not just an attack on the Duggar family – it is an attack on Christianity. The secular world and particularly, LGBT activists are determined to silence Christians and prevent the Gospel of Jesus Christ from going forward.

We are God’s workmen.  God has equipped us – and He expects us – to publically speak out against the things that are wrong – and – stand up for what is right in the eyes of God.  We must not let our silence give Satan another foothold.

I encourage you to let your voice be heard in support of Josh Duggar and the entire Duggar family.