Delusional Disorder

You may have read or heard that in June, your fellow citizens left the labor force “in droves.”   It must have been summer vacation, a little time off to study climate change or “I made enough money for the rest of the year?” It has to be one of those reasons because everything is great and the Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates in September before the economy really overheats. In reality there are 93,626,000 Americans not in the labor force.  Most have given up and therefore are not counted as unemployed.

Why?  Lack of education and a sense of lost opportunity.  Even if one would work for minimum wage, an illegal will likely beat you out. It’s only going to get worse with our immigration laws and trade policy.

I once worked at the Tulsa Airport for Standard Industries, a construction company.  This was a summer job while I was in school.  Those jobs don’t exist anymore, but were wonderful starters for teenagers. Back to my summer job (which was working outside), I thought since it was construction I would get rich.  Shortly, I was called into the air-conditioned trailer on site to discuss my pay. Well, as it turned out I had let my imagination outpace reality.  Since this was government job, I was told the wage was minimum wage or $1.50 an hour.

I was deflated. I spent the whole first day thinking of suitable excuses to tell my father that I had quit. How do you tell your dad who graduated from college in the Depression and worked as a milkman, salesman, steel worker and roughneck, which got him to Oklahoma, that you quit?  You don’t.

No, sir.  You don’t quit the Marine Corps, school, marriage or the job you can’t stand. You adjust.  When one quits, the second quit becomes easier and easier.

Although, the unemployment rate is a wonderful 5.3 percent, it doesn’t count those who have given up.  It doesn’t count the 50 million Americans who are on food stamps.  It also doesn’t consider the shrinking work force participation rate at 62.6 percent – “the lowest reading since October 1977.”

Given the economic reality, “The U.S. economy probably bounced back to an annual growth rate of around 2.5 percent in the second quarter and the labor market is approaching full employment,” said Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer. Where do they get these people like Fischer or Tim Geithner, the tax cheat?  And to think we actually pay them for what they say?

They are delusional.

Actually, if you look up delusional, it is a serious mental illness in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. It must be in the water or the air since Obama has it, Hillary, too, and the rest of the IRS, EPA and SEC hierarchy.

The main feature, according to Webster, “of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakeable beliefs in something untrue.” People with delusional disorder experience nonbizarre delusions, which involve situations that could occur in real life such as being followed, deceived, poisoned (the president has a food taster), and being conspired against.

The facts are not delusional.  The economy is not on the rebound and 93 million Americans are left out by an administration that does not care.

What Washington intends is to bring in immigrants to replace uneducated Americans who will not work and the 55 million citizens that were aborted.

And we simply stand by and let it happen?