Democrats display childishness in their sit-in about gun control

On June 23, the communist/socialist-oriented major media (TV in particular) began what appeared to be wall-to-wall coverage of the latest in a long series of rather unsocial actions.

This was called a sit-in by the (minority) Democrat Caucus, members of the U.S. House of Representatives. It appeared that the whole caucus was involved, although there might have been a very few of the more civilized minded who chose not to make fools of themselves.

They occupied the House Chamber so that none of the people’s business could be carried on. Of course, if it had been members of the Republican Caucus (when they were in the minority), the same media units would have been beside themselves in heaping scathing criticism on the participants for “blocking the work of the people.”

During the course of the occupation, which reminded me of the Soros-financed “Occupy Wall Street” movement a year or so ago (except for the lack of trashing the location), it seemed that Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, was trying to imitate the style of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his famous “I have a dream” speech, complete with all the voice effects. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Speaker Ryan chose to call a recess instead of treating the participants like the thugs they were emulating.

This then brought the business of the Congress to a halt, but did not shut down the government.

The stated purpose of the occupation was reported to be that they were demanding to have a floor vote on four gun-control bills. Such would have been a total waste of time (and money) since the Senate had already voted all four down. A vote would have been meaningless. In other words, they were saying in effect, “We don’t care about the law (Second Amendment), we want our way cleared towards gun confiscation.”

My memory is quite clear of the goings on when the Nazi Party came to power in Germany in the 1930s. Registration of all guns was required. This was shortly followed by the confiscation of all those registered guns, except for the privileged insiders of the Party. Following that, the orders were issued to round up all Jewish people, and also Christian clergy and Freemasons. In fact, there were (percentage wise) more Masons and clergy thus purged than those of the Jewish faith. Of course, the numbers were substantially smaller to start with.

In any event, it seems to me that the whole stupid display of petulant childishness put on by the members of the House Democrat Caucus is a strong indication that they feel, “If we can’t get our way, we will demonstrate, even though we lost the elections.” It would be hoped that their constituents would wake up and decide they would like to be represented by more mature and civil-minded individuals. Unfortunately, the record of elections past would indicate that not too many of them will be retired this time around.

By the same token, much the same could be said about some of those in the Republican Caucus in both houses, as well as state legislatures, who seem to forget that they have sworn to support and protect the constitutions and laws of the land each time they have been elected.

We in the First Congressional District of Oklahoma are truly blessed to have one of the all too few exceptions to that in U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, who I consider to be a true standout and patriot. Would that there were 240 of his integrity as colleagues. If so, our republic would be in a much safer position to last another 100 or so years after the 240 just completed. It is up to us, the voters to see that this situation is attained, with the help of God.