Democrats have been changing registration and filing for office

On the Pat Campbell Show on 1170 KFAQ (formerly KVOO) the morning of August 22, there was discussion about the next day run-off election and how the followers of the Communist/Socialist movement were changing registration from Democrat to Republican and running for election. Those being discussed were said to have studied the conservative methods and speech and managing to mimic them well. This was said to be particularly true in the more local elective offices and instances were given. Not being aware of the gift of prophecy, it is not for me to say how effective and successful they will turn out to be.

Unfortunately, it is most difficult, if not impossible, for political parties to determine the sincerity of those registering and remove any not on the same page of political and philosophical principles. In is my opinion that, in agreement with Pat, there has been an ongoing invasion or infiltration of the Republican Party by individuals not in agreement with it’s founding principles. This to either change the thrust or destroy the party in order to speed up the destruction of the republic established with the Constitution and institute a socialist dictatorship.

However, during the last half hour of the show, my own, and favorite of all 435, Congressman Jim Bridenstine called in to remark on the previous 2-1/2 hours of discussion. During that call, Mr. Campbell posed the question to him of the “non-ransom” payment of $450 million recently delivered to the known terrorist-sponsoring government of Iran. For those being misled or under-reported to, there were confirmed reports that the money was delivered by private plane, at night, in foreign currency (cash bills) and the plane carrying the prisoners was held on the ground until the incoming plane had landed and the cash bundles on pallets were unloaded.

Of course, the PRESBO Administration had maintained that the payment was “not ransom, but were funds owed to Iran.” That in addition to the reported $1.5 billion already released from suspended funds upon executing the supposed anti-nuclear agreement. Congressman Bridenstine stated that he, as a congressman, had received no notice of what the administration was going to do, in presumed violation of the separation of powers principle included. He stated that if any notice was forthcoming, it was delivered to, presumed friendly, staff members with the assumption that it would not be passed on in a timely manner.

It seems to me that there is a long stream of such misdeeds on the part of PRESBO (and his minions doing his will without being told) to effectively dismantle the protections we have enjoyed in the Constitution. It appears to me that he practically hates it and is solidly determined to, as he campaign promised, “fundamentally change America.” On second thought, maybe he used the term “America” instead of “USA” with the intent of turning the entire Western Hemisphere into a Communist or Socialist dictatorship to be melded into a single World government.

In any event, he is aided and abetted by an eager and brainwashed majority of those in the journalism business (it has ceased to be, in general, a profession). These, and there are many, actions of misconduct, seem to be non-reported to the detriment of knowledge by those of us who may, or may not, vote. It should be remembered that an ignorant electorate can be easily manipulated and thus enslaved. Far too many of the citizens of our republic fail to take the effort to become informed and thus cast their vote for the true patriot candidate, if they bother to vote at all. On the other hand, those uninformed should not vote at all, because there is at least a 50 percent chance they will vote for the wrong side and thus exacerbate the problem.