Letter to the editor: Democrats’ Russian connection

Today, Pravda is promoted and used by the Democrats and Washington Post writers. The national press and Democrats seem to think it helps their cause and do not seem to care that it is harmful to the U.S. Government and our military. It also helps Russia.  But then, so too it helps the Democrats, they think. They don’t care about our nation and our military.

About Pravda, it was first noted by me and many in the 1950s that it was used by Russia to cause problems in Western Europe and elsewhere to undermine the U.S. Government and military. In my case, I was assigned to Western Europe to serve with the U.S. Army of Occupation in Germany (1954-56). There had been massive demonstrations in Western Europe against the United States and the Allies but most of all, the U.S. military. The leaders for Pravda/Russia worked under the name “Pravda.”

The Democrats and much of the national media follow the Pravda/Red Guard style. It looks like they are the ones with the “Russia connection.” Of course, that style is used to blame others, like Trump and the Republicans, for doing what the Democrats are doing. The Red Guard were agitators sent out to disrupt meeting that supported the United States and the Allies – in the same manner as the Democrats.

Perhaps we need a special counsel to investigate the Russian Connection of the Democrats.