Editorial: Democrats want gun control

Gun control proponents, including Commander-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama, rely on incrementalism to achieve their goal – the disarming of America.

Every time a white madman kills more than one person with a gun, Obama tells the eager media that “America must do something” to “end gun violence.” Obama won’t respond to gun violence by minorities and he won’t freely admit the problem of Islamic terrorism within our borders.

The Democrat candidates for president hold the same view. They want to restrict the kinds of guns Americans can buy. They want the use of guns limited to hunting. They want to stop the sale of guns from individual to individual. They want to make gun shows (like the upcoming Wanenmacher Gun Show in Tulsa next month) illegal. They want government bureaucrats to determine who is fit to buy or own a gun.

What they won’t admit is that an armed population is much less vulnerable to oppression by a large, centralized government. Law enforcement cannot protect most citizens from crime. America relies on voluntary compliance with laws.

When the government sets up “gun-free” zones – like on college campuses or military bases – well-armed criminals see an opportunity to make headlines.

Why has wealthy Switzerland never been successfully invaded? It’s because virtually everyone is in the national guard and has a home gun cabinet that includes automatic rifles. Criminals looks for easier prey elsewhere.

America already has background checks for gun purchases.

If America elects another Democrat, he or she will come looking for your guns.