Letter to the editor: Detroit and public education problems

All but three of Detroit’s ninety-seven public schools were closed again last month because 1,500 teachers called in sick.  The teachers are protesting the fact that Detroit may only have enough money to pay them through June 30.  Most teachers elect to receive their paychecks year-round, even though they only work nine months.

The teacher’s labor union, Detroit Federation of Teachers, is negotiating with the city and the state, and has filed lawsuits in an effort to guarantee that teachers will be paid.  Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers [the national union organization] went to Detroit to join the demonstrations.

CNN reports the average teacher’s salary in Detroit is $63,716 per year – and the Detroit school system is already operating in the red – with more than $500 million of operating debt.  There are 58,000 students in the Detroit school system.

These teachers are sending a powerful message to our kids:  “If you don’t get your way . . . Act up until you do.”

And have you seen some of those angry teachers walking the picket line?  They are educating our children.  Is there any wonder as to why our young people are resorting to more violence and lawlessness on the streets of America?

This is a sad commentary on our government-run public education system that has allowed labor union goons to take over.