Letter to the editor: Disasters for America after Obama

There is a verse in the book of James that says, “you will know them by their works.”  We are essentially  being instructed by this verse on the best method of determining if someone is friend or foe.  It gives us the only means available to truly look inside the hearts of those around us.  It does not always let us see the motives for how they behave, but it does allow us to determine if their actions match their rhetoric and if their actions are leading to harm or benefit for those around them.

It is by observing the sum of an individual’s actions that we gain insight into their character and wisdom, and can gain some insight into their motivation.

Do they intend good or evil?

We have observed the works of President Obama for seven years now and should be able to compare his deeds with his rhetoric and develop some sense of his character.  He has been the first African American president.  He is a man of significant intelligence and stature.  He did inherit a monumental banking collapse, involving the huge interstate investment banks created by the 1999 repeal of the depression era Glass Steagall Act.  He also inherited a post 9/11 world.

But most presidents inherit some type of adversity.

Has President Obama actively and reasonably confronted the problems facing America?

What do his rhetoric and actions tell us about his character?

First order of business under President Obama was his Stimulus Bill.  It never provided the promised jobs or infrastructure but it did provide a huge slush fund of money for payoffs to his political operatives.

Next we saw the ACA regarding health care.  But it was flawed at its rollout, has produced a real doctor shortage and has spawned huge corporate for profit hospital systems that control all of medicine.

Subsequently, instead of reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act, we saw a huge 12-thousand-page banking bill that has destroyed hundreds of traditional local banks that were never investment institutions and never part of the banking failure.

We have also seen an administration intent on destabilizing all of the moderate Muslim nations in the Middle East. It began with Egypt, Libya and Syria, and now he is abandoning Saudi Arabia and Jordan.  And at a time when we are supposed to be destroying ISIS, we are releasing terrorists from Guantanamo at an astonishing rate and we are giving $150 billion to Iran.

It must also be remembered that following terrorist attacks in Paris and the United States, President Obama seemed focused on climate change and gun control instead of action directed at the terrorists.

We even saw a president who arrogantly lectured and made fun of the American people because many were made to feel less secure by his actions.  He has consistently used a similar straw man diversion to focus attention away from other real problems at hand, or he blames others in government for inaction when he has a history of always ignoring their input. We have also observed a president that has attempted to divide us as a nation based on race, sex and class, instead of being the unifier that he promised he would be.

What do these historic actions tell us about the character and motives of President Obama? I am concerned that these are the actions of a man with a sinister plan for the world, and an ambivalence about the security of the American people. His motives are not clear but he remains on a consistent path.  This is further exemplified by his lack of attention to detail even on his own domestic programs.

He promotes government trust and dependence, but he is too lazy or uncaring to supervise the details for success. This has been true even on his own so-called landmark accomplishments.

He seems only interested in strutting and looking pretty.   He sometimes reveals what he thinks he must but his true agenda for the world remains hidden.  We can only determine the meaning of change by watching the disasters in his wake.