Letter to the editor: Do not import terrorists from Syria

There are many opinions regarding the immigration of the Syrian refugees.  Some are welcoming all to come into the United States with no restrictions.  Others want background checks. And some of us are suggesting no admission, due to the history of Muslim attacks on Americans.

We remember the hijacking  of the Achille Lauro and the murder of the American Jew who was in a wheelchair. That event was under the leadership of Yasser Arafat who was a Muslim.  We also remember 9/11 when over 3,000 people in the United States were murdered by Muslims who were in the United States for training.  The still unfinished punishment of Maj. Hasan is easy to remember.  He murdered U.S. soldiers on Fort Hood Army Base and “did it for Allah.”

The Boston marathon should be easy to remember.  The murderer left the following message on the boat. “Muslims are one body.” It will be okay, as far as I am concerned, to be labeled as “unchristian like” by refusing  to allow entry to those who believe that “death to America” is Allah’s goal if it will cause the American people to wake up.