Doak disappointed in State Farm’s departure decision

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak, a former State Farm agent, is disappointed about State Farm’s plan to close its Tulsa headquarters in 2019.

“I am extremely disappointed in both the decision and the communication between State Farm and my office,” Doak said. “I was notified about the closing just ten minutes before it was announced, giving me, Gov. Mary Fallin and Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum no time to discuss options and try to keep those jobs in Tulsa. Just two weeks ago a State Farm executive assured me the Tulsa facility was included in the company’s future plans. As the state’s largest insurer, I would expect advance notice of such a significant decision.

“I have invited State Farm’s CEO Michael Tipsord to sit down with me, Gov. Fallin and Mayor Bynum to discuss possible alternatives. In the past, we’ve always had a positive relationship with State Farm so I hope we can have a productive discussion on this issue that impacts so many Oklahomans.

“I understand the need to gain efficiency and streamline processes. Those are goals we have achieved here in our office and at other state agencies as well. I look forward to a constructive meeting with Mr. Tipsord.”