Doak tells insurers they must meet state building codes

In the midst of storm season, the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) is reminding insurance companies to cover roof repairs that meet state or local building codes. OID issued a bulletin to insurers after receiving multiple consumer complaints.

“These requirements must be followed when the roof is replaced,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak. “We expect the industry to do the right thing by the consumer.”

In the case of roof repairs, building codes generally permit different types of roof decking material. However, regardless of the decking materials used, the code also requires the installation to meet the shingle manufacturer’s requirements. Most, if not all, shingle manufacturers have very specific requirements as to roof decking.

OID has received complaints that some insurance companies resisted paying for roof repairs that meet city building code because local jurisdictions are not enforcing the ordinance.

“Regardless of local enforcement, we expect coverage to respond, within the policy limits, by covering repairs according to applicable building codes,” Doak said.