Editorial: Don’t disarm American citizens

As America suffers assault after assault from Islamic terrorists, President Obama refuses to face the threat for what it is but instead calls for the disarming of American citizens.

Obama wants certain guns banned. If that happens, then he will push for gun registration and that is a prelude to confiscation. The administration is already trying to get gun sales records from major retailers so they know who owns guns when the confiscation begins. This has already happened in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

Obama’s wrong-headed response to the shooting in the Orlando homosexual bar is to try to convince Americans that fewer guns means less violence. In reality, if one of the homosexuals in that bar had a concealed carry firearm, he could have killed the Islamic terrorist and saved some lives.

Why did Japan not invade Hawaii after the attack on the U.S. Navy on December 7, 1941? Japanese military leaders admitted after the war that taking Hawaii would mean a battle for every house and every neighborhood because Americans own guns.

Why didn’t Hitler invade and overtake Switzerland during World War II? He had plans to do so but his military advisers said no because of the incredible losses the Germans would encounter because almost all of the Swiss are in the National Guard and have guns in their homes.

Islamic terrorists target places where they know there are no guns and therefore no resistance. These attacks will continue on our soil and they could accelerate.

Getting rid of the guns owned by law-abiding citizens is exactly the wrong policy. Such a view makes you wonder about the loyalty of any American leader who wants to disarm our citizens.

One more point about Orlando. Homosexuals, liberals and so-called religious leaders are embracing Muslims and their message of “peace.” They conveniently overlook the treatment of homosexuals and women in Muslim culture. If America ever falls under Sharia law, the homosexuals will be the first group to suffer.