Don’t fund abortion

Bridenstine defends unborn babies

At a town hall packed with supporters, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine got the biggest applause when he promised to vote to defund Planned Parenthood.

That money should go to the other 3,000 Oklahoma clinics who don’t perform abortions, Bridenstine said April 11 at the ORU Mabee Center.

“It should be spent at Morton Health center because they don’t do abortions,” he said. “They don’t kill babies. They don’t kill the unborn.”

Pockets of protesters – including supporters of Planned Parenthood wearing pink T-shirts – consistently yelled negative comments, interrupting Bridenstine throughout the entire two-hour town hall.

Several thousand attended and most were conservatives who support Bridenstine, one of the most conservative representatives in Congress.

Bridenstine took written questions from the audience and the question about Planned Parenthood implied that his lack of support for abortion would strip women of needed health services.

“We support women’s health,” Bridenstine said.

Across the nation during the congressional break, radical progressive protesters are similarly interrupting town hall forums. Bridenstine warned his supporters prior to the event to not engage with the screaming protestors because they want to start fights to get on the national news.

The shouting started when Bridenstine explained his stance on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

“Even Democrats acknowledge that Obamacare is failing,” Bridenstine said over the shouting.

He said because of the failed socialist program, Oklahoma is down to one health care provider. Some Oklahomans have seen up to 70 percent increase in their monthly premiums.

“Instead of improving health care, Obamacare shoved everyone into the insurance market,” Bridenstine said.

Ex-president Obama was hoping that Hillary Clinton would be elected rather than Donald Trump in hopes that Congress would institute a single-payer health care system after Obamacare completely failed.

“Let me ask you this: how is single payer working at the Veterans Administration?” Bridenstine asked.

Bridenstine said the GOP plan, which was pulled before a vote, would have addressed the issue of taking care of those with pre-existing conditions.

“We need an insurance market that works,” he said.

The GOP bill was not perfect and would have faced trouble in reconciliation in the U.S. Senate, he said.

But, that bill would have:

  • Cut a trillion dollars of Obama taxation;
  • Reduced the annual deficit by $100 billion;
  • Switched Medicaid more to control by the states; and,
  • Defunded Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in America.

“I support the Republican repeal of Obamacare,” Bridenstine said, again to a standing ovation.

Bridenstine also said the Trump’s proposed budget would not eliminate Meals on Wheels but only had a 3 percent cut in its funding.

“It still is heavily funded,” he said.

Bridenstine fielded a question from a protester who wanted Congress to investigate Trump for ties to Russia.

“The committee should also investigate Hillary Clinton,” Bridenstine said. “Collusion between Trump and Putin is probably not likely since what happened a week ago (the bombing an airfield in Syria, a staunch ally of Russia).”

Bridenstine said the gassing of civilians by the Syrian government was “an atrocity.”

As far as bombing an airfield, “we did the most humane thing possible.”

He applauded Trump’s decision to send warships toward North Korea as that rogue nation threatened nuclear war against the United States and its allies.

“He said nothing was off the table,” Bridenstine said of Trump. “That is strategic ambiguity.

“Weakness from the United States is provocative. Obama’s weakness was provocative.”

The use of chemical weapons in Syria is a threat to Israel, our closest ally in the region, he said.

Concerning Trump’s target, temporary ban on refugees from rogue countries, Bridenstine said America lets in 800,000 and if fewer come from those countries, more can come from friendlier nations.

During the Obama administration, the FBI warned congress that Islamic terrorists posing as refugees had infiltrated nations in Europe and they had plans to do so in the United States.

“This is a gaping hole in our national security,” Bridenstine said. “It wasn’t based on religion.”

On education, Bridenstine said funding and control should be returned to local government.

“We have seen a lot of abuses at the U.S. Department of Education, Bridenstine said. “We need to keep education dollars local.”

Bridenstine, who is one of three people being looked at to be the new head of NASA, has some sobering words about the need for space technology. Much of America’s military is reliant on satellites and both Russia and China have tested anti-satellite weapons that could potentially knock U.S. communications out during a conflict.

On climate change, Bridenstine said Obama wanted to punish the American people financially when in fact, America has done more to end pollution that other nations.

“We have been leading and the rest of the world is not following,” Bridenstine said. “We should not damage our own economy.”