Editorial: Don’t sell booze in movie theaters

Apparently, some state lawmakers don’t consider alcoholism a problem.

House Bill 2186 would let movie theaters sell booze to patrons.

This is just another in a string of bad ideas to liberalize liquor laws in Oklahoma. Last year, powerful retailers financed a campaign to change the Oklahoma Constitution to liberalize liquor lets to let groceries, convenience stores, pharmacies and other retailers sell ice-cold wine and hard beer.

Alcohol is the No. 1 gateway drug to substance abuse, according to professionals who try to help alcoholics put their lives back on track. It is a lie to say that the states with racks and racks of alcohol for sale in convenience stores have fewer abuse problems than they did before alcohol was so available.

More alcohol means more sales and that means more drinking and more alcoholism. It’s that simple.

So, supporters of HB2186 think that Oklahomans are being deprived because they can’t have a beer or a cocktail while taking their kids to see a Disney movie. This is so wrongheaded. It’s amazing to see a list of state representatives who see no problem with this. Part of that support can be explained because the lawmakers themselves drink too much and they are therefore susceptible to the alcohol lobby.

The Bible doesn’t teach prohibition but there are many passages that warn of the dangers of alcohol, particularly the problems of drunkenness.

Society has to draw the line on public drinking at some point. You can’t drink and drive.

To open up the sale of alcohol at movie theaters is bad policy. HB2186 should die a swift death.