Letter to the editor: Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils

Christians should call for justice, not vote for evil

On May 19, 2016 the Tulsa Beacon published a letter to the editor by Betty Howard titled. “Christians have a responsibility to cast a ballot.” Mrs. Howard argues that Christians have the responsibility to vote for the lesser of two evils. She says if they don’t they are responsible for “the worst of the two evils.” This is incredibly misguided.

Mrs. Howard is right that Christians ought to take part in civil government. Most evangelicals buy into some form of radical two kingdoms theology in which God rules over the world in two separate ways. The world and state are governed by “natural law.” The church is governed by the “third use” of God’s law and the Gospel. It’s a fancy way to say that Christianity and the kingdom of God has nothing to do with the governing of nations. It’s unbiblical garbage.

Unfortunately Mrs. Howard’s ideas are also flawed. She rightly sees apathy in the church and sees wickedness in the government. So far so good. Yet, she then turns to the church and says we must take part in that system. As Christians we should hold our nose and make things less bad. That is a message of defeat.

Not voting for either of two candidates is not giving tacit approval to the worse one. And it isn’t giving tacit approval to the one that wins. What she proposes in its place is worse. Voting for a candidate you think is evil is giving implicit approval to our two-party system. And it gives implicit approval to the candidates that they put forward.

Christians shouldn’t choose an evil just because the two ruling parties say so. We should instead rise up and tell them we will not tolerate evil. Mrs. Howard references Romans 13. We should remind our leaders that they are responsible to serve God. They are responsible do justice whatever their superiors say – whatever the laws or courts say!

Don’t vote for evil every other year. Get out, talk to anyone and everyone involved in the state and call for justice.

Don’t be apathetic. Don’t vote for evil. Don’t hold your nose and give approval to wickedness because it is presented to you. Do justice. Correct oppression. Expose evil deeds. Plead the cause of the widow and the orphan.