Letter to the editor: Dump status quo candidates

Late in an increasingly competitive  senatorial race against Republican Doug Forrester in 2002, Sen. Robert Torricelli suddenly withdrew after disclosure of illegal contributions to his campaign by David Chang, a businessman connected to North Korea. Instantly, the aging ex-senator  Lautenberg was called in to run in Torricelli’s place.

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are now so bad that the globalists can’t take a chance on her losing to either Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – they might sabotage their ongoing efforts to suck the United States dry. It is interesting that the Justice Department has ignored IRS gate, Fast and Furious, Bengazigate and other scandalous operations by government agencies.

­If Hillary is indicted, it will not be because that her transgressions are any worse than the many other transgressions that have taken place in this administration.  As pleased as I am that the Clintons and their top-heavy foundation will finally be seen for what they truly represent, the plan to make the bumbling Joe Biden the next president is scary.

Like Harry Reid, Joe Biden’s family has also used their political clout to gain power. Biden’s son Hunter just happens to be on the board of a major gas company in Ukraine whose duly elected  government was just overthrown by George Soros, Vice President Biden and company. Hopefully, the American people can be lucid long enough to see through the major media and vote to dump all of the” status quo”  candidates.