E-cigarettes ban on OSU campus

December 19, 2013

The OSU/A&M Board of Regents approved an update in Oklahoma State University’s tobacco use policy that will prohibit the use of e-cigarettes on the Stillwater campus.

OSU’s revised Tobacco Use and Smoking Preparation Use in or on University Property policy creates a tobacco-free environment and smoking preparations now “include but are not limited to hookahs, electronic cigarettes, vapor devices and clove cigarettes.”

“Oklahoma State was a leader in establishing a tobacco-free campus so this revision is consistent with our health and wellness efforts,” said Dr. Suzy Harrington, chief wellness officer.  “To protect the health of OSU faculty, staff and students these products should be prohibited until more research on their safety has been completed.” In a resolution supporting the change in policy, the OSU Student Government Association stated, “The use of electronic cigarettes in the classroom setting is distracting and compromises the learning process.”

State health officials, including Oklahoma Health Commissioner Terry Cline, have spoken out in favor of banning the use of electronic cigarettes, which are not regulated and have seen steady growth in use by teenagers. The revised policy takes effect immediately on OSU’s Stillwater campus.