Letter to the editor: Ease up on Trump

It looks like the so-called GOP leaders have joined the likes of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, etc., in the hate program against Donald Trump.

As Pat Buchanan pointed out in a recent column in the Tulsa Beacon, GOP candidates against Trump say he is saying a lot of terrible things. Perhaps. But then, when I watched the debates, it seemed Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, etc., were the ones speaking hate.

I served in the U.S. Army of Occupation in Germany. For those who do not read history, that was shortly after World War II. A year before I went there, we were advised that the Russians had 70 division on the West German border and an attack was expected at any time.

The Korean War had started several years before and the U.S. military – under President Harry Truman – had so reduced its forces  and related training for the armies of occupation that it invited invasion by Russia, China and North Korea.

Obama has repeated the same problems in the Middle East and the result is ISIS. It is my suggestion that other GOP candidates remove their heads from the sand.

They must realize that Hillary, Sanders, most of the national press and the Democrats in general are the problem – not Donald Trump.