Ending Abortion?

Kramer says no to survey question

If Roe v. Wade were overturned, State Senate candidate Lisa Kramer would not vote for a law to ban abortions in Oklahoma.

That’s according to her answers to a candidate survey for the August 23 runoff election by Oklahomans for Life.

The survey asked 12 questions concerning abortion and end-of-life issues. A yes answer would be considered pro-life.

Kramer, a Republican running for Senate District 25, was the only Tulsa area candidate in a runoff race that answered no to a law banning abortion in Oklahoma. She answered yes (pro-life) to nine of the 12 questions. She answered no to questions 10 and 11, which deal with reform concerning selection of state judges.

Her runoff opponent, Joe Newhouse, answered yes to all 12 questions.

On his website, Newhouse states, “Primary to the value system: everyone is valued, even those who are yet unborn, because we were created in God’s image. This is why I am pro-life.”

Kramer’s website and campaign literature doesn’t address the abortion issue. It states, “I hold my faith as the most important aspect of my life and use Christian principles as the guiding factor in making decisions.” Also, the site quotes her saying, “Our values are the backbone of this community and this state. I will fight to ensure that these values are not harmed or infringed upon.”

In the Republican runoff for Senate District 39, Amanda Teegarden answered yes to 11 questions. She said no to No. 11, which deals with selection of Oklahoma Supreme Court justices.

Her August 23 runoff opponent, Dave Rader, answered yes to 10 questions and answered no to questions 10 and 12. Question 10 deals with reforming the Judicial Nomination Commission and question 12 is about mandatory retirement ages for Supreme Court justices.

In the Republican runoff for House District 67 in South Tulsa, Tom McCloud answered yes to 11 of 12 questions. He said no to the proposal to reform the Judicial Nominating Commission in question 10.

His opponent, Scott McEachin, answered yes to all 12 pro-life questions.

Here is a summary of each question.

  1. If Roe v. Wade were overturned, would you vote for a law to ban abortion (except for the life of the mother)?
  2. If Roe v. Wade were overturned and a vote to ban abortion failed, would you vote for a law with exceptions for rape and incest?
  3. If a state passes an “Equal Rights Amendment“ with assurance that it won’t invalidate laws against abortion, would you vote for that law?
  4. Should school-based health care centers only be funded if they don’t provide abortions or abortion counseling or referrals?
  5. Would you oppose repeal of Oklahoma’s Hydration and Nutrition for Incompetent Patients Act (which prevents euthanasia)?
  6. Would you oppose repeal of Oklahoma’s Nondiscrimination in Treatment Act?
  7. Would you oppose repeal of state law that protects against the involuntary denial of life-saving medical treatment?
  8. Oklahoma’s “living will” law recognizes the value of food and water. Would you vote against a bill to weaken that statute (which prevents death from starvation or dehydration)?
  9. Would you oppose assisted suicide or “active euthanasia?”
  10. Will you support efforts to reform judicial selection for the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission to deal with the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court?
  11. Will you support a change in the way Oklahoma Supreme Court justices are chosen?
  12. Would you support a mandatory retirement age for Oklahoma Supreme Court justices?

Oklahomans for Life plans to release the survey results for races in the November 8 general election after the August 23 runoff.