Editorial: England and the European Union

Congratulations to the British.

With an historic vote, England split with the European Union and will regain the full measure of sovereignty they lost.

There are a host of reasons why this is a good idea but the biggest is the preservation of the British culture.

As part of the European Union, Great Britain watched as waves of immigrants flooded Europe (especially Germany) and then spilled over into England.

There is nothing wrong with orderly, legal immigration but this was a huge influx of foreigners – many from Syria and other Muslim nations – who refuse to assimilate into their new countries.

America was built on immigration. But it was for the most part orderly, legal and those immigrants were anxious to build a new life. They adapted to the culture of their new homeland without sacrificing their heritage.

There were exceptions, including the slaves brought here in chains from Africa. And, of course, the Indians were already here.

But England has recognized that Europe is taking in enemy combatants who are slipping in with genuine immigrants and that is a dangerous policy. When hundreds of thousands of refugees come with little or no paperwork, it is relatively easy for Islamic terrorists to penetrate and cause problems. That is especially true when the refugees cluster and refuse to accept the host culture.

That is happening to Europe and, to some extent, in America due to the influx of illegal aliens.

The English people want to retain their country. They don’t want it changed into a Muslim state under Sharia law.

Voting to leave the European Union sends a strong message that England wants to retain it status as a sovereign nation.