Editorial: EPA fails Flint, Michigan people

The Environmental Protection Agency has failed the citizens of Flint, Michigan, and the price of that failure is huge.

The auto-making hub is populated by mostly poor people and minorities. They have been poisoned by tap water that should have been made safe by local officials and the EPA.

To save money, city officials switched their water supply to the Flint River. But they failed to prevent metal from leaching from corroded, old pipes.

As a result, Flint residents have been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water.

That should not occur anywhere in the United States.

Complaints from Flint residents fell on deaf ears. Families are now worried about the future health for their families who have ingested lead from their tap water.

The EPA under the Obama Administration has waged war on coal and defeated the Keystone Pipeline. They are raising the cost of home electricity by forcing a shift away from coal-fired electrical plants. They are blocking America’s drive to energy independence by deterring exploration and production.

But when it comes to drinking water, Obama’s EPA has failed the Americans in Flint, Michigan.

Those Flint residents are rightly questioning whether federal officials would have dragged their feet on this problem if it had affected an affluent city or a city with fewer minority members.

Obama, who made “health” the cornerstone of his changing America, apparently doesn’t think clean tap water in Flint is a priority.

Flint is 57 percent black and 42 percent of its people live in poverty.

This health nightmare is just beginning.

Paul Mohai, a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, said Flint “may be one of the biggest environmental justice disasters we’ve seen in a long time. What’s kind of clear is that they’ve been vocalizing their concerns and the response has been rather weak.”

Obama’s EPA clearly is more concerned with a political agenda than preventing lead-contaminated tap water.